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New York Physicians, Serving Patients Across The State, Call On Hochul To Veto Liability Bill

“The Impact On Care Of Older Adults Would Be Catastrophic”

“This Will Bankrupt Me”

“Another Step Pushing Me To Practice In Another State”

July 19, 2023, Westbury, NY— With New Yorkers already facing significant challenges in accessing needed medical care as our state’s healthcare infrastructure continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, physicians across various regions of New York are again calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to veto legislation that is projected to increase medical professional liability costs by more than 40%. This increase, on top of New York’s already staggeringly steep liability costs, will undoubtedly undermine their patients’ access to care and, for many physicians, give them no choice but to practice in other states where the liability environment is less hostile. The bill, which passed both houses of the New York State Legislature in June, is nearly identical to legislation vetoed by Gov. Hochul earlier this year.

“New York is actively making it harder to see patients and increasing liability costs for doctors and their practices. I currently work in an underserved area, performing skin cancer surgery. This proposal is just another step pushing me to a state with a liability environment that protects patients without burdening our physicians,” said Nathaniel Miletta, MD, FAAD – Dermatology.

“I’m one of five Black women interventional cardiologists in the US and I’m the last remaining solo cardiologist in Westchester,” said Lynn Perry-Bottinger, MD, FACC – Cardiology. “I have crushing COVID relief debt. I’ve run my own practice for 22 years due to the hostility I suffered earlier in my career. If signed into law, this bill will bankrupt me.”

“I am a geriatrician who works primarily in nursing homes caring for some of our most frail older adults in NYS. That area of healthcare has suffered the most during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-acute care facilities are still facing extreme circumstances including staffing shortages and beds closed due to lack of staffing. Not to mention that the pandemic continues on. I truly fear that if a law like this goes into effect, the impact on care of older adults would be catastrophic,” said Timothy Holahan, DO – Geriatric Medicine.

“As a specialist performing procedures that are “riskier” than most, this bill would seriously threaten access to physicians who are willing and able to perform procedures that have a higher risk of injury and thus malpractice. Surgeons will stop taking on these more difficult cases and patients will be forced to go elsewhere, have long waits, even leave the state. Let us practice medicine and not legal defense,” said Craig Zalvan, MD – ENT.
These are but a few of the dozens of statements from physicians across the state who have shared their alarm regarding the re-passage of this legislation.

The Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) together with numerous organizations representing medical professionals, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, District II, the New York American College of Emergency Physicians, and the New York State Neurological Society, sent a letter urging Gov. Hochul to veto the bill. Despite minor changes to the bill from last year’s proposal, the amendments do not address the fundamental concerns expressed by healthcare professionals, municipal organizations, and the business community. The letter re-iterates the commitment of these organizations to work with the Legislature and the Governor to help develop balanced legislation that would ensure legal remedies for grieving families, but at the same time protect the ability of New York’s physicians, hospitals, and other health care workers to continue to deliver the care our patients expect and deserve.

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Founded in 1807, the Medical Society of the State of New York is the state’s principal non-profit professional organization for physicians, residents, and medical students of all specialties. Its mission is to represent the interests of patients and physicians to assure quality healthcare services for all. 

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