LaughMD App Pioneers Laughter as Billable, Scalable, Evidence-based Medicine

LaughMD is improving the approach to healthcare and wellness in hospitals, dialysis clinics and oncology facilities, bringing laughter right to the bedside of patients and into the daily routines of healthcare staff. With a powerful blend of clinical research and innovative technology, LaughMD offers a unique solution to combat physician burnout and enhance patient care. Its proprietary video app delivers thousands of carefully curated comedy videos, ensuring a safe, clean, and positive environment free from triggers. This approach is not just about entertainment; it’s a no-cost therapeutic tool with impressive benefits​​​​, as it collects subjective and (soon) objective data that assist in the healing process. 

The company is offering the app at no cost to MSSNY members simply by contacting [email protected].  

The app has shown it lowers stress and pain. Numerous clinical studies have highlighted the positive impact of laughter on health, demonstrating significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and pain among patients. LaughMD’s own studies/surveys showed a remarkable 93% of patients awaiting chemotherapy reported improved experiences due to LaughMD, with 89% noting enhanced mood and reduced stress levels​​. 91% of patients with pain said the app decreased their pain. Additionally, healthcare providers experiencing daily exposure to three-minute comedy videos saw a 13% decrease in overall stress, showcasing the profound effect of laughter on the well-being of patients and medical staff.​  

LaughMD offers a powerful, complementary approach to traditional medicine by integrating laughter into the healthcare environment. It improves patient outcomes, enhances physicians’ work-life balance, reduces stress and burnout, and contributes to a more positive, supportive work environment. 

Said Prof. Frank Chindamo, LaughMD Founder, “Our advisor Dr. Ronald A. Berk (Johns Hopkins Professor Emeritus) has compiled over 400 studies showing the ameliorative effects of laughter. And we’ve all heard the expression that ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ We’re just the first to deploy it as billable, scalable, evidence-based medicine.”  

LaughMD’s immediate goals are to gather more evidence-based data on how laughter can lower the cost of care, improve outcomes, and bill for it. If you’re an Early Adopter and want to trial this new solution with your patients and/or providers, check out the 2-minute info video at, and contact [email protected], +1-323-420-8490 for a complimentary copy of the app. 



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