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The Communications Division publishes the MSSNY Pulse, a weekly digital publication that reports the most current news affecting member physicians and is distributed electronically to over 59,000 medical recipients.

The Communications Division informs radio, television, and print media on MSSNY’s position on health care and practice management issues impacting both patients and physicians. This division is also responsible for the MSSNY website, advertising, job board, and social media.

Julie Vecchione DeSimone, Vice President
ext. 340 –
[email protected]

Roseann Raia, Manager
ext. 302 – [email protected]

Matt Brown, Digital Marketing Project Specialist
ext. 411 – [email protected]

The Division of Finance and Administration is responsible for all financial operations of the Medical Society of the State of New York.  This includes membership dues, oversight for all contractual/grant activities, investments and the payment of all bills. The Division also works with outside investment advisors, auditing firms and banking institutions.  The Division provides the Board of Trustees and Council with all current financial operating information.

Troy Oechsner, Executive Vice-President
[email protected] – 516-488-6100 ext. 397

John Vecchio, Controller
[email protected]  – ext. 327

Administrative Assistant – ext. 398
Accounts Payable – ext. 328
Accounts Receivable – ext. 325
Payroll – ext. 326

865 Merrick Avenue, Westbury NY 11590

This division is responsible for:

  • membership development and services
  • staff support for sections and special constituencies

Staff are available to work with individual members, county medical societies, hospitals or special groups on membership campaigns. Outreach representatives can make personal visits and give presentations on current issues and on medical society activities and services designed to help physicians succeed in an increasingly complex environment. The division provides staff support to committees tasked with developing ongoing and innovative approaches to membership development, as well as to the Society’s Committees on International Medical Graduates, Women Physicians, and others.  Staffing is also provided for special sections devoted to organizing and meeting the needs of Residents and Fellows, Young Physicians, and Physicians on Organized Medical Staffs. 

Valerie Cammiso, Vice President
[email protected]

The Division of Meeting Planning and Management is responsible for all logistical arrangements for meetings of the Annual House of Delegates, MSSNY Council and the New York Delegation to the American Medical Association. While many meetings take place virtually, not all do, and facility arrangements are handled by this division.

The Annual House of Delegates of MSSNY establishes the policy and organizational direction for the Medical Society. The 330 voting members of the House of Delegates (HOD) deliberate on the business presented utilizing parliamentary procedure and the resolution and reference committee process. Issues considered at the MSSNY HOD are germane to the well-being of patients, but can also include issues with physicians’ practices, reimbursement, the delivery of health care, and the very structure of the Medical Society. Resolutions to address these issues are submitted by our constituent organizations, committees and by credentialed delegates. Information about the HOD schedule, deadlines, and the process by which business is conducted can be found on the MSSNY HOD webpages. Every effort is made to keep our membership informed about developments.

Extensive continuing medical education credit courses are also offered during the weekend of the House of Delegates. Information about the courses offered with registration links are posted on the HOD webpages as the meeting dates approach.

The New York Delegation serves as the link between New York physicians and the national professional association for physicians — the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA House of Delegates meets twice each year to discuss and collaborate on issues important to the health care of America and sets national policy – often at the highest levels of US government. New York physicians are elected each year to serve as representative delegates to the AMA, speaking to the unique issues affecting health care in our State. The Annual meeting of the AMA takes place in June in Chicago where the headquarters of the AMA is located. The Interim meeting is held in November and focuses primarily on advocacy and legislative issues and initiatives. The Interim meeting rotates around the United States. The Division oversees the work of the New York Delegation, coordinating the review of handbook materials and on site meeting arrangements.

The Division also provides the staff support for the Medical Student Section (MSS) of MSSNY. New York has the largest number of medical and osteopathic schools within in one State (16). The MSSNY MSS is comprised of over 2,500 members statewide and has chapters at each medical and osteopathic school. The MSSNY MSS meets four times annually. More information on the MSS is available in “About MSSNY” on our website.

For further information please contact:
Michael Reyes
[email protected] – ext. 368

155 Washington Avenue,  Suite 209
Albany, NY 12210-2329

(518) 436-4723
(800) 338-1833 (NYS)
(518) 436-7943 (Fax)

The mission of the Committee for Physician Health is to promote quality medical care by offering non-disciplinary confidential assistance to physicians, residents, medical students and physician assistants suffering from substance use disorders and other psychiatric disorders. The Committee monitors the treatment and compliance of program participants and provides advocacy and support as well as outreach activities, including prevention and education.

Terrance Bedient, FACHE, Vice President/Director
[email protected](518) 694-0002

Jeffrey Selzer, MD, Medical Director
[email protected] – (518) 694-0007


 Direct Line
Assistant Director
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Assistant Director
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Assistant Director
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Assistant Director
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Assistant Director
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Confidential Executive Assistant
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Administrative Assistant
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856 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590


The Socio-Medical Economics Division interacts and maintains effective liaison with major health insurers as well as pertinent federal and state agencies with oversight of public health insurance programs. SME provides information and assistance to MSSNY members concerning medical reimbursement policies and claims processing requirements of various third party payors, i.e., managed care systems, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault, private insurance, etc. SME also offers Ombudsman services to resolve claims disputes.

865 Merrick Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590

Information Technology maintains all the computer systems and networks at MSSNY and provides technical support services and information on the physician data bases that it maintains. Reports, rosters, and mailing lists in form of labels & disk files are available for a fee; MSSNY members receive a discounted rate. The mailing lists can be sorted by specialty, geographic area, zip code, or by other user defined criteria.

Information Services maintains the membership data base handling updates, inquiries, and membership dues billing, processing and reporting. Members may contact Information Services to request corrections, additions, and changes to demographic and other biographical membership related data.

Fran Nunez, Director, Info Services
[email protected] – ext. 367

Lynette Green, Info Services Assistant
[email protected] – ext. 365

Daniella Nunez, Info Services Assistant
[email protected] – ext. 363

99 Washington Avenue, 1 Commerce Plaza – Suite 408, Albany, NY 12210

The Governmental Affairs division monitors state and federal legislation and regulations issued by such agencies as the New York State Health, Insurance and Education Departments, as well as HCFA and HHS. Prepares comment on all bills which impact on the provision of medical services in New York State and testimony when appropriate at legislative and regulatory hearings. Conducts regular meetings with legislators and legislative staff on all health-related legislation. The division has developed and maintains an ongoing relationship to ensure communication with and access to the New York State Executive Branch, Senate and Assembly. While the legislature is in session, weekly issues of Capital Update are distributed so that members are informed of the latest legislative and governmental developments.

Morris Auster, Esq., Senior Vice President for Legislative & Regulatory Affairs and Chief Legal Counsel
[email protected] – ext. 319

Patricia Clancy, Sr. Vice President/Managing Director, Public Health and Education
[email protected] – ext. 311


Name Position EXT Email
Maureen Ramirez Secretary [email protected]
Jennifer Wilks Asst. Coordinator for Political Action 314 [email protected]