OFFICERS: 2023 – 2024
Chair Mustfa Manzur, MD
Vice Chair Sabba Sarwar, MD
Immediate Past Chair James Docherty, DO
RFS MSSNY Councilor Anna Heffron, MD
RFS Delegates – 2023 MSSNY HOD Sabba Sarwar, MD
Catherine Iyoha-Idiong, MD
RFS Delegates – 2023 AMA-RFS Sabba Sarwar, MD
Catherine Iyoha-Idiong, MD
Anna Heffron, MD
Mustfa Manzur, MD
Resident And Fellow Section
865 Merrick Avenue
Westbury, New York 11590
516-488-6100 x 396
[email protected]

The Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among resident physicians in New York State; provides programs and services that enhance the educational environment of resident physicians; and serves as a mechanism for representation of New York resident physicians at the American Medical Association.


Monday, February 13, 2023 at 8:00 PM
Meeting Agenda


Contact [email protected] for information on the following projects:

  • Poster symposium
  • AMA participation
  • MSSNY committee participation

The Resident and Fellow Section works for:

•  Improved quality of resident life
•  Ensuring employment upon completion of residency
•  Protecting the huge investment you’ve made in your medical education

RFS advocates on your issues, and keeps you informed.

If time and interest allow, there are many opportunities within the AMA and MSSNY for residents. Besides two national meetings, residents are invited to join MSSNY committees or to get involved in the leadership of the RFS.

Link to AMA-RFS Website

How to write a resolution for the MSSNY House of Delegates



Young Physicians Section  
865 Merrick Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590
516-488-6100  Ext. 396
Kathy Rohrer


The Young Physicians Section (YPS) is the voice of young physicians in the State of New York.

It accomplishes this mission by identifying and responding to needs and goals of young physicians as they seek to deliver the highest quality of care to patients. YPS advises the MSSNY on how to focus its resources to better serve the needs and goals of the young physician, provides the perspective of young physicians in policy processes, and educates young physicians on professional matters and on the structure and function of MSSNY and the Federation.

A young physician is defined as anyone age 40 and under who has completed residency training or anyone, regardless of age, who has completed residency training within the past eight years. In order to actively participate in the activities of the Section, a physician must be a member of the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) and the county medical society where he or she resides or practices.

Chair Charles Lopresto, DO
Vice Chair Jane Simpson, DO
Secretary/Treasurer James Docherty, DO
Immediate Past Chair Erik Blutinger, MD
YPS Councilor
Jocelyn Young, DO


2024 MSSNY HOD Delegates:
Vanessa Cutler, MD
Jane Simpson, DO
Purvi Parikh, MD

Alternate Delegates:
Ravi Parikh, MD


2024 AMA-YPS Delegates:
Jocelyn Young, DO
Charles Lopresto, DO
Jane Simpson, DO
Vanessa Cutler, MD


Chair L. Carlos Zapata, MD
Vice Chair Carole Moodhe, MD
Secretary Alan Klitzke, MD
L. Carlos Zapata, MD
At Large
David Page, MD
At Large Charles S. Lopresto, DO
Deligate to MSSNY HOD
Alan Klitzke, MD
Alternate Deligate to MSSNY HOD
Melissa Grageda, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Howard Huang, MD



Organized Medical Staff Section
865 Merrick Avenue
Westbury, New York 11590
516-488-6100 x 396
Kathy Rohrer

Welcome to the Organized Medical Staff Section of the Medical Society of the State of New York. OMSS is MSSNY’s grassroots physician organization, composed of representatives from organized medical staffs in hospitals, group practices, and other physician organizations. We keep you informed, and we can help your medical staff organization stay effective and strong. OMSS ensures that control of the quality and safety of care, treatment and services provided to patients resides with physicians.


Saturday, February 25 – 1:00 PM
OMSS Meeting Agenda


The International Medical Graduates-Ethnic Medical Associations (IMG-EMA) Section of the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) is pleased to present this information to you. We hope it will be of help as you seek a residency position.

We invite those of you who are eligible to join MSSNY and begin to profit from connecting with your colleagues, becoming involved in the New York medical world, and acquiring educational opportunities. Even if you don’t currently meet membership requirements, keep us in mind for when your circumstances change. As you can see from the attached brochure, we can be of help!

How to Write the Best Personal Statement for Your Residency Application
From a Presentation by Stephen Peterson, MD, August 27, 2022
  • Program Directors are looking for someone who wants to become a lifelong learner in medicine.
  • DO NOT just add a paragraph to the statement you wrote to get into medical school.
  • DO NOT be overly emotional (Ex. I watched a relative die…) or overly dramatic (Ex. It was a dark and stormy night in the ICU).
  • Show your professional development from the day you started medical school to the day you finished.
  • The personal statement is the ultimate self-assessment.
    • Self-assessment is the most important thing in a residency program
    • Establish yourself as a lifelong learner by showing your ability to self-assess (including deficiencies) in every learning situation
    • You want to continue to become a better human being and a better healer
  • Personal statement is four paragraphs, one page.
  • Paragraph One:
    • Who you are and your evolution (Ex. I went into medicine for my love of math and science, but when I hit the clinical floors, I understood for the first time that my love was for internal medicine, for the ability to make diagnoses and help people.)
    • State the program and the start date you’re looking for
  • Paragraph Two:
    • An experience that influenced you in medical school (Ex. Even though patient was medically stable, I saw nothing in her eyes but fear. I watched the attending, [name], walk in, sit at the bedside and hold her hand. I watched her fear dissipate.)
    • How has this shaped you? How has medical school changed you? How has it made you desire to become a lifelong learner?
  • Paragraph Three is another medical story.
  • You will be evaluated again and again on
    • Your medical knowledge
    • Your clinical skills o Your professional attitudes, and
    • Your compassionate behaviors
  • The most important thing is the last paragraph. It has to be able to stand alone and it has to be a “killer.” Even someone who knows you better than anyone should learn something about you.
    • It is a summary of all of the above, telling why you should be picked, why you are special because of what you want to become.
    • Ex. I’m looking for a program that will continue to advance my medical knowledge, my clinical skills, and my professional attitudes and compassionate behaviors. Above all, I’m looking for a program that will enhance my ability to contribute to the medical literature, learning more about biostatistics, learning more about clinical trials, learning more about clinical research and how to write papers. I’m looking for a program that will enhance my ability to become one of the attendees that I admired in my personal statement.
    • Ex. I’m looking for a program that will continue to enhance my skills, that will continue me on my journey as a lifelong learner. It is my hope that one day I will be a fraction of the attendees that I have admired for you in this personal statement.
    • Program Directors read the last paragraph first. If the last paragraph doesn’t grab them, there are six hundred more PS’s right behind.
  • Finally, read your statement out loud to yourself.
    • Would you select you as the candidate based on that last paragraph?
    • Is it the best paragraph you have ever written?
    • If not, write it again and again and again!
Post Medical Graduate Membership

Who is Eligible?

  • Reside in New York State

  • Hold a medical school diploma from a US or Canadian school;
    Hold a medical school diploma from outside the US or Canada and attest to having passed Step 1 and Step 2CK of the USMLE (effective dues years 2022, 2023 and 2024)

  • Have not yet entered residency training or been employed as a physician in New York State.

Dues for 2023

If you reside in Bronx, Chautauqua, Erie, New York (Manhattan) or Westchester County, you are required to join the county medical society (CMS) as well.

Post Graduate Membership



MSSNY: $46

Bronx: $25


MSSNY: $46

Chautauqua: $28


MSSNY: $46

Erie: $28


MSSNY: $46

Monroe: $14


MSSNY: $46

New York: $30


MSSNY: $46

Westchester: $32



Alliance with the Medical Society of the State of New York
865 Merrick Ave.
Westbury, NY 11590
516-488-6100 ext 396

[email protected]

The MSSNY Alliance is a volunteer association of spouses of medical society members. Physician’s spouses have changed a great deal since our founding, but we still want to support one another, support our spouses and promote health in our communities.

Your spouse might be looking for social or professional networking opportunities or a meaningful way to support your goals for legislative or regulatory changes that will improve healthcare delivery and reduce the hassle factor associated with the practice of medicine today.

If you think your spouse might be interested in learning more about the Alliance in your community or what the State Alliance can offer, please click this link: to provide us with contact information so that we can reach out to him or her. This information will NOT be shared with any outside parties.

Why You Should Join The Alliance

The AMA Alliance is a national volunteer organization comprised of physicians spouses — male and female –working to further the aims of the AMA through community programs, projects and services. It was founded in 1922 and its more than 40,000 members are dedicated to promoting good health in America and improving safety within our communities. The Alliance is also committed to the legislative grassroots efforts affecting today’s health care.

As a federated member of the Alliance –a member of your county, state and national –you become an important part of the medical family. Your dues allow members across the country to take advantage of the information and materials developed and distributed by the AMA Alliance.

These include initiatives such as the SAVE program –Stop America’s Violence Everywhere –which has already reached over 1,000,000 school children with materials designed to teach peaceful resolutions to conflicts. The Alliance has joined General Colin Powell’s crusade, America’s Promise, in an attempt to provide resources to help children become successful adults and General Powell has acknowledged and commended our efforts. We have also initiated a SAVE-A-Shelter program to assist battered women and, in the aftermath of the school shootings, a SAVE Schools From Violence program. Violence prevention and intervention materials are available to all Alliance members.

Members are also involved in a nationwide initiative that brings awareness to the need for organ and tissue donation. The AMA and the AMA Alliance urges all physicians and their families to sign donor cards and to make their wishes known. Federated membership allows members to educate the public on this issue and to lend support to centers as they attempt to come to the aid of the nearly 70,000 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant.

Smoking cessation programs are yet another way that your dues help to inform and educate the people of our communities about healthy living. Smoking-related illnesses and deaths are 100% preventable! The tobacco settlement money was intended to be used to educate children about the hazards of tobacco use and to control the tobacco industry in its promotion of tobacco products, especially as it pertains to children. Find out what your county has done with its settlement money! Call or write your County Executive and urge him to use the funds as they were intended.

Our Alliance is working in conjunction with– and supported by –the AMA. We are advocates for medicine. The AMA and the AMA Alliance speak with one voice as they attempt to make a change in health care delivery .The more powerful our voice, the stronger our message and the more likely legislators will listen to what is being said. YOU can make this difference! Begin by urging physicians to encourage their spouses –and the spouses of their physician friends –to join the Alliance. Tell them of the worthy projects and programs now being implemented. Be proud of what we do! Assure them that Alliance members ARE making a difference as we contact our legislators and advocate for better health care. We need YOU to help to solve some of the problems facing medicine today. Won’t you join our efforts? Won’t you encourage others to join our efforts? Won’t you become a part of the solution?