P2P Program for Physicians

Our revolutionary program provides physicians, residents, and medical students the opportunity to talk with a peer about their life stressors. 

Under the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) program, physicians may engage in a one-time confidential discussion with a peer supporter—an individual trained to share experiences, listen without judgment, and validate feelings.

The pillars of the P2P program are Support, Empathy, and Perspective.

“MSSNY is excited to offer this valuable tool to our physicians,” says Former MSSNY President Bonnie Litvack, MD.  “It is well documented that physicians, residents, and medical students have enormous stressors that can range from the emotions that arise in the context of patient care to the demanding environment in which we practice medicine.”

MSSNY’s Committee on Physician Wellness and Resiliency played an integral role in the creation of the P2P program—which grew out of a MSSNY survey that found over 50 percent of New York physicians suffer from life stressors.

“Physicians are healers that too often are reluctant to seek help for themselves. We hope that colleagues will connect to peer supporters to discuss daily stressors, including work, school, family, substance, or financial issues,” continues Dr. Litvack. “Especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are additional stressors burdening our colleagues’ lives.”

MSSNY has established a confidential helpline phone number (1-844-P2P-PEER) and an email address ([email protected]) so that physicians may be connected with a peer 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In addition to offering a trained, empathetic ear, peer supporters may provide information on specific resources that can offer further support, provide positive coping skills, or connect physicians to professionals for more focused assistance.