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I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we face a number of problematic proposals in the Executive Budget. The most concerning is a proposal to permit Physician Assistants to practice without any required physician supervision or collaboration after 8,000 hours of clinical practice if they are employed by a hospital, or even if they are not employed by a hospital but practicing in primary care.

The good news is that MSSNY is educating the public about the importance of physician-led care teams. Through a number of op-eds and letters to the editor in papers throughout the state, we are advocating that in order to address physician shortages across the state, our elected leaders in Albany need to focus on enacting changes to make New York’s practice environment more welcoming to physicians.   Moreover, this week, I presented MSSNY’s application for a grant to the AMA Scope of Practice Partnership committee and we received news that our proposal was approved. Thank you to the AMA for facilitating this opportunity. MSSNY will use the funds to run a news radio advertising campaign and to run op-eds in The Empire Report, a daily news digest which is a must read by 50,000 of New York’s most influential policy makers, business leaders and informed consumers.

In addition, I was interviewed this week by Spectrum News’ Capital Tonight about the continued push in the executive budget to remove physician supervision requirements from PA practice. The interview is scheduled to air tonight.

But we need your help. Legislators need to hear from individual physicians on this issue and the many other Budget attacks physicians face, including: the elimination of the Committee for Physicians Health, the huge cost imposition on physicians for Excess coverage, and prohibiting physicians from bring disputes with Medicaid Managed Care plans to dispute resolution. Please use MSSNY’s Grassroots Action Center to remind your legislators that patients need continued access to physicians, and that they are best served by a team-based approach with a skilled physician overseeing and guiding patient care.

Paul A. Pipia, MDPresidentMedical Society of the State of New York

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