29 Physician Specialties Ranked By 2022 Burnout Rates

53 percent of physicians reported burnout last year. According to Medscape’s latest report on physician burnout and depression, Emergency medicine specialists had the highest rate at 65 percent.

Across the board, physician burnout has jumped 11 percentage points from 2018, when 42 percent of physicians said they were burned out. The “Medscape Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2023: ‘I Cry and No One Cares'” is based on survey responses from more than 9,100 physicians across 29 specialties, which were collected between June and October 2022. At least one third of respondents in all specialties said they were burned out.

Here are the 10 highest specialties:

  1. Emergency medicine — 65 percent of physicians reported burnout
  2. Internal medicine — 60 percent
  3. Pediatrics — 59 percent
  4. Obstetrics and gynecology — 58 percent
    Infectious diseases — 58 percent
  5. Family medicine — 57 percent
  6. Neurology — 55 percent
    Critical care — 55 percent
    Anesthesiology — 55 percent
  7. Pulmonary medicine — 54 percent
    Radiology — 54 percent
  8. Oncology — 52 percent
    Gastroenterology — 52 percent
  9. General surgery — 51 percent
    Diabetes and endocrinology — 51 percent
  10. Rheumatology — 50 percent


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