Sunday, September 17th is National Physician Suicide Awareness Day (#NPSADay)

#NPSADay is a reminder and a call to action to make time to talk – and to act – so physicians’ struggles don’t become mental health emergencies. MSSNY is proud to take action to prevent physician suicide by sharing resources to help improve physician well-being, including suicide prevention resources, tips for starting important conversations about mental health, a crisis management plan, and through our P2P program (see second story below for more information on P2P).

Help us recognize #NPSADay by visiting and learning how you can take action.

We must shift the current practice landscape to support a culture of well-being and come together to take the necessary actions to reduce burnout, safeguard job satisfaction, remove barriers to seeking mental health services and destigmatize seeking these services.

There are seven actions to help reduce physician burnout and ensure physicians’ struggles don’t become mental health emergencies.

  • Learn the Vital Signs
  • Encourage mental health reflection
  • Share suicide prevention resources
  • Prepare before a moment in crisis
  • Check in with a physician
  • Remove intrusive mental health questions
  • Create a culture of wellbeing

Take action today! Everyone has a role in reducing physician suicide.

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