Dear COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider:

This message is being sent to all COVID-19 Vaccination Program enrolled providers in an effort to increase vaccinated individuals’ ability to obtain an Excelsior Pass.  If you have not yet administered COVID-19 vaccine, you may disregard this message.

Excelsior Pass mobile application is New York State’s voluntary and secure way to retrieve and present digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results. In order for users to retrieve the vaccination pass, their vaccination data within NYSIIS/CIR must be correct and up-to-date. Providers are responsible for entering all vaccination data and remediating any data errors for users who report difficulty in retrieving their pass. For more information on what to look for and how to fix data errors, please review this factsheet.

Some vaccinated individuals have been reporting difficulty obtaining their Excelsior Pass.  Beginning this week, an e-mail will be sent to these individuals directing them to review their vaccination record with their provider.  The e-mail will direct individuals to their vaccination provider by giving them the provider’s primary and secondary points of contact and contact information as it was submitted on the provider’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program enrollment form, unless updated information has been submitted by the provider entity.

If the contact information is outdated or there is a better point of contact who can assist vaccinated individuals with review and correction of their vaccination record, please submit updated information

Thank you for your participation in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.


The NYS COVID-19 Vaccine Team

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