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Oppose Huge Expansion in Medical Liability Awards

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You are the best advocate for your profession, your practice and your patients. As Senate Bill S74A can land on Governor Hochul’s desk at any time — giving her 10 days to sign into law or veto — we have to act fast. Commonly known as the Grieving Families Act, this bill will expand recovery rights of a decedent’s surviving “close family” in a wrongful death case and significantly increase monetary sums awarded. It has the potential to affect the availability and affordability of medical professional liability insurance in New York State and drive dedicated healthcare professionals away.
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We’ve created a toolkit with important information and materials to help you express your
opposition to the bill and the expansion of New York State’s wrongful death law.
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For more information, visit the MSSNY Grassroots Action Center.
The bill could be sent to Governor Hochul at any time, giving her 10 days to sign or veto.

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