New York Proposes ‘Nation-Leading’ Hospital Cybersecurity Regulations

Cybersecurity poses a growing challenge for hospitals, with a stark rise in data breaches and hacking incidents threatening patient safety and privacy. The healthcare sector, especially in New York, has become a prime target for cybercriminals using tactics like ransomware, which can severely disrupt medical services. Recognizing this threat, New York has proposed new regulations to bolster hospital IT systems’ defenses. These include developing comprehensive cybersecurity programs, establishing protocols for third-party applications, formulating response plans for cyber incidents, and implementing multifactor authentication. Also, hospitals must appoint a chief information security officer to oversee and regularly review these policies. Set for potential adoption in December, followed by a public comment period, these rules represent a significant step in enhancing the cybersecurity posture of hospitals, aiming to safeguard critical patient data and ensure uninterrupted healthcare services.

New York Proposes ‘Nation-Leading’ Hospital Cybersecurity Regulations (Olsen, Healthcare Dive 11/13).


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