MSSNY Councilor Dr. Daniel Choi Named to NASS’ 2023 SpineLine 20 Under 40 List

Congratulations to MSSNY Councilor Dr. Daniel Choi on being named to the North American Spine Association’s (NASS) 2023 SpineLine 20 Under 40 list. Dr. Choi was recognized for his commitment to building a thriving independent practice in an era of consolidation, as well as for his outstanding advocacy work, especially for physician-friendly provisions in the No Surprises Act. Dr. Choi’s dedication to advocating for physician autonomy and the advancement of medicine has made him a respected figure in the industry.

“It is a tremendous honor to be featured on the 20 Under 40 List by North American Spine Society in 2023,” said Dr Choi. “I appreciate the shoutout for my advocacy work to protect physician autonomy and independent practice. Many physicians like Amy Cho, Damian Caraballo, and Purvi Parikh and I who have been engaged in grueling grassroots advocacy efforts on the No Surprises Act know advocacy can feel like a thankless effort at times. I am a fierce believer that independent practice viability is essential to our healthcare system and one of the key answers to physician burnout.”

Dr. Choi has been actively involved with MSSNY, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and is pleased that NASS recognizes the importance of advocacy work performed by major medical societies on behalf of their members and the medical profession.

Dr. Courtney Toombs, the newest associate at Dr. Choi’s practice, also received the 20 Under 40 Award for her remarkable research and writing accomplishments. During her residency and fellowship, Dr. Toombs was highly published, showcasing her commitment to advancing medical knowledge and patient care. The coincidence of both Dr. Choi and Dr. Toombs receiving this prestigious award highlights the exceptional talent within their practice and the dedication they bring to serving their patients in Long Island.

The 20 Under 40 Award is an esteemed recognition presented annually by NASS. The SpineLine Editorial Board, which takes a holistic approach in the selection process, considers various factors such as published research, community service, and involvement with NASS when choosing the final class.

Dr. Choi’s and Dr. Toombs’ achievements and recognition through the 20 Under 40 Award reflect their exceptional contributions to the medical field. Their dedication to advocating for their patients and their commitment to advancing the field of medicine and make them valuable assets to their practice and the community they serve.

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