Resources for Treating Physicians
  1. Burnout: 35 years of research and practice
    Paper that focuses on the career of the burnout concept itself, rather than reviewing research findings on burnout
  1. Is it time to consider the “burnout syndrome” a distinct illness?
    Argues that the burnout syndrome cannot be elevated to the status of diagnostic category, and that the focus of public health policies dedicated to the management of “burnout” should not be narrowed to the three definitional components of the syndrome but should consider its depressive core
  1. Disturbing Trends in Physician Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance: Dealing With Malady Among the Nation’s Healers
    Editorial from the Mayo Clinic
  1. Physician Resilience: What It Means, Why It Matters, and How to Promote It
    Illustrates factors that promote constructive and healthy engagement with difficult challenges at work
  1. Finding the Why, Changing the How: Improving the Mental Health of Medical Students, Residents, and Physicians
    Article from Academic Medicine. Discusses the Saint Louis University School of Medicine’s multipronged strategy to addressing mental health issues in the preclinical years, which have led to dramatic decreases in depression and anxiety symptoms in students
  1. A Survey of U.S. Physicians and Their Partners Regarding the Impact of Work–Home Conflict
    Analyzes factors associated with work–home conflicts among physicians in dual career relationships
  1. Physician Burnout: Preparing for a “Perfect Storm”
    How physician burnout impacts healthcare organizations and what administrators and physicians can do
  1. Quality of Life During Orthopaedic Training and Academic Practice Part 1: Orthopaedic Surgery Residents and Faculty
    Article from The Journal Of Bone And Joint Surgery, Incorporated. Pilot study of two academic training programs revealing concerning levels of resident burnout and psychological dysfunction
  1. Quality of Life During Orthopaedic Training and Academic Practice Part 2: Spouses and Significant Others
    Article from The Journal Of Bone And Joint Surgery, Incorporated. Examines burnout, psychological distress, and marital satisfaction of the spouses and significant others of orthopaedists in training and in orthopaedic practice in an academic setting
  1. Struggling in Silence Physician Depression and Suicide
    Companion presentation to two documentary films created by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that address the unmet needs of depressed physicians and medical students
  1. The AAP Resilience in the Face of Grief and Loss Curriculum
    Article in Pediatrics covering a curriculum developed to address the professional attitudes, knowledge, and skills essential to thrive despite the many stressors inevitable in clinical care
  1. Wisdom in Medicine: What Helps Physicians After a Medical Error?
    Looks at doctors who coped well with medical error in order to highlight specific ways to help clinicians in similar situations avoid devastating professional outcomes and achieve not just recovery but positive growth
  1. Breaking the Stigma — A Physician’s Perspective on Self-Care and Recovery
    One physician’s successful recovery journey from a history of depression, suicidal ideation and alcoholism.