Last Call: Urge Governor to Veto the Wrongful Death Bill

There are just three days left for the Governor to veto the Wrongful Death bill.  As physicians and as citizens of New York, we must continue to urge the Governor to veto the Wrongful Death bill before she acts on it in the coming days.  Call 518-474-8390 and press option 3. Then press option 1 to leave a voicemail or option to speak with an operator.  Please also send a letter urging a veto here.

MSSNY released a press statement this week urging Governor Hochul to create a workgroup that can carefully craft legislation that will meet the goals of this legislation to expand the legal rights of grieving families but will also minimize the profound impact of such legislation on all New Yorkers.

We want to move forward to discuss how to reduce physician burnout by reducing administrative burdens and bring health and happiness to all New Yorkers. Your monumental efforts as MSSNY members will give us great outcomes now and in the future. Together we are strong.

Please submit your comments about no competition on the FTC’s proposal to prohibit restrictive covenants. There has been some legal analysis that because the FTC does not control for profit organizations, the rule may not apply to the restrictive covenants imposed by not for profit hospitals and health systems, with which many of our physicians are employed. There was an extensive discussion at the MSSNY Council this week about this issue, where our existing policy was re-affirmed that calls for the prohibition of restrictive covenants imposed by health systems and private equity.  The Council also voted to create a workgroup to study the use of restrictive covenants in other health care settings.  Physicians can submit comments on the FTC proposal here:

If medicine is your profession, then politics is your business.

Quote of the day. “Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. It means choosing happiness over hurt.” –Anonymous

And finally, I’d like to share a poem written and shared by MSSNY member Elliot Barsh, MD:

“One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.”

–Iris Murdoch

We don’t have to wait for a weekend, or a vacation,

or retirement to enjoy ourselves.

We can be happy working hard when we are at work, and happy

being home when we are at home.

On an average day….

…what do we treat ourselves to?

…what do that we look forward to?

…what makes us smile?

…what makes us laugh?

…what makes us want to get up and do it again tomorrow?

(That is the biggest treat of all!)


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