Specific Payer Items

Share your NPI now
Time is running out to share your National Provider Identifier (NPI) with us before the May 23, 2007, compliance date.

If you’ve obtained your NPI, we’re ready to collect it through our secure provider website or through file transfer using a pre-defined formatted spreadsheet.

Don’t have an NPI? Don't procrastinate; if you transmit standard electronic transactions, you must have an NPI to be compliant with this HIPAA regulation.

Share your NPI in one of two ways

  • Our secure provider website: Enter your NPI and update other demographic information at the same time. This self-service option is ideal for smaller, less complex providers sharing one or two NPIs. Once logged in to the website, select "Update Profiles," then "Add/Update National Provider Identifier (NPI)."
  • Bulk file transfer by spreadsheet: Larger, more complex physician groups, hospitals and IPAs that are sharing multiple NPIs should use the Excel spreadsheet specially formatted for that purpose. The spreadsheet allows for the submission of individual, entity and subpart NPIs in one file, and is based on the format designed by the industry Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI).

Request this spreadsheet through the Aetna website. Select “for Health Care Professionals,” Services and Tools,” “Medical Resources,” then “National Provider Identifier” under the subhead Doing Business with Aetna. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a secure email with the spreadsheet file attached, along with instructions on how to complete and return it via secure email.

If you are enrolled in ERA/EFT, please let us know which NPI we should use when issuing an ERA to identify the person or organization being paid. This can be done by requesting the bulk file transfer spreadsheet referenced above and completing the ERA-specific fields.

If you don’t provide us with an organizational or individual NPI by May 23, 2007, we may not be able to issue an ERA after this date.