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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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    for MSSNY Physicians with Concerns or Questions:
    MSSNY has compiled the subsequent list of contact persons at the various NYS health plans insurers. Our member physicians who have questions or concerns regarding HIPAA and their electronic billing of claims for their patients, may access this list.

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  • HIPAA Privacy Workbook and Toolkit

    Get all the policies, procedures  and forms you need to comply with the privacy rule in the HIPAA Privacy Workbook and Toolkit

American Medical Association
This web site has information and policies regarding HIPAA regulation.

Phoenix Health System
This web site contains plenty of helpful information and also includes discussion groups where the user can exchange information with others including sharing of sample privacy forms. Some of the contents of this site are only available upon the payment of a fee. 

Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange
This web site contains information on the HIPAA Transaction standards development.

American Health Information Association
This web site contains helpful information including sample forms to download. Some portions of this site are only available upon payment of a fee.

Privacy Officers Association
This web site offers HIPAA information for Privacy Officers to share and also offers training. Most information is only available upon joining the organization. 

Health Care Compliance Association

This web site contains plenty of helpful information including discussion groups and sample forms, however most information is only available upon payment of a fee.

North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA).
This web site provides information on HIPAA transactions, privacy, and security regulations. Site also contains tools and examples to help providers comply with HIPAA.

The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12

This is a web site that is comprised of cross-industry representation, delivers the most widely implemented electronic data interchange (EDI) standards that interact with a multitude of e-commerce technologies and serves as the premier source for integrating electronic applications. Through the X12 Committee's standards and active participation in emerging and technically relevant initiatives, ASC X12 links together multiple industries and sets the norm for a more effective exchange of information. 

National Uniform Billing Committee.
This web site provides HIPAA information for institutional providers. Acts as a consultant to standards development organizations and HHS on HIPAA regulations. 


New York State Department of Health Medicaid HIPAA website
This site contains links to a variety of Medicaid HIPAA documents, including the Medicaid HIPAA Companion Guides.

Office of Civil Rights

This web site provides guidance for all providers to assist providers in complying with HIPAA privacy regulations.
National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics

This web site serves as a national forum for the collaboration of interested parties with the goal of improving the compatibility of private sector, state and federal health information systems while assuring the confidentiality of information collected.

 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This web site which contains enormous amount of helpful information including guidance on the rules and regulations issued by the HHS. The user can also sign up for an email list to receive up to date HIPAA information from HHS. All information is free.

The PrivaPlan HCAT (HIPAA Compliance Assessment Tool) is an on line program to assist MSSNY members in complying with the HIPAA security rule. The Security rule has 42 standards and implementation specifications, each of which require documentation, policies and procedures. The HCAT tool provides a step by step guide for each one of these as well as detailed instruction on how to do a risk analysis.  The tool is available to our members at a discounted price and comes in two versions:

  • HCAT Standard which is an entry level version that covers all 42 standards
  • HCAT Professional which includes policies and procedures templates (ready for your customization) as well as many examples and tips."  


To access discount code call Mary Rush at 516-488-6100 ex 351.


This web site contains a newsletter and resources dedicated to health-related terminology systems and standards. The purpose of this site is to offer a clearinghouse of information on "Hipaa Code Sets" and on related healthcare terminology issues that affect clinicians, system designers, payers, policy makers ...and especially patients.

This site offers information and resources focused on the privacy and security HIPAA regulations.

This site established by the Phoenix Health System provides many HIPAA resources including a discussion board.