COVID-19 Vaccine Update

There is a New York State Department of Health website that discusses the COVID-19 Vaccine COVID-19 Vaccine and information can also be obtained on the CDC website: Healthcare Professionals: Preparing for COVID-19 Vaccination (

The Governor issued a new Executive Order No. 202.82 that permits licensed physicians and certified nurse practitioner to issue non-patient specific orders for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to nurses, physician assistants, special assistants, pharmacists and other persons authorized by the commissioner.  The executive order also waives the consent provision for those persons 19 years or older from having their vaccine data entered into the New York State Immunizations Information System (NYSIIS).  This provision was the consent procedure for all immunizations. 

Additionally, the Executive Order specifies that the administration of a COVID-19 or Influenza vaccination is required to be reported to the NYSIIS or CIR systems within 24 hours regardless of the patient’s age.  Recognizing that many physicians who regularly provide influenza immunizations to their adult patients are not currently connected to the NYSIIS system, MSSNY has raised concerns to the NYSDOH and has urged that this requirement be reconsidered.  

For those private practices who are becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider, there is information that must be communicated to the patient or their caregiver prior to them receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and includes an explanation of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  This form is titled the “Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers” and can be download at .  The New York State Department of Health has indicated that there is no specific written consent form required, however, an informed consent process is required for the patient to understand the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and the risks and benefits of vaccination.  This may be performed verbally or by using a consent form and the NYS DOH will provide a sample consent form for use in health settings should health care providers choose to use a consent form. That form is not yet available.

New York City COVID-19 Vaccination Program Enrollment

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is now enrolling private practices, independent pharmacies and other facilities that will immunize adults in the NYC COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

Click on the links below to review the letter and instructions on how to sign the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement in the online Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR):

For questions, please call the Provider Access Line at 1-866-692-3641 or email Periodic updates will be sent to keep you informed and the COVID-19 vaccine webpage will be updated.

New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Program Enrollment

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) is enrolling healthcare provider practices (outside of New York City’s five boroughs) in the NYSDOH COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

Practices (outside NYC) interested in administering COVID-19 vaccine when the vaccine becomes available to their group must enroll in the NYSDOH program to be ready to order and receive publicly supplied COVID-19 vaccine and ancillary supplies.

Please review the following attached documentation and complete the online COVID-19 vaccine enrollment application located in the Health Commerce System by Friday, December 18, 2020.

Send questions regarding the NYSDOH enrollment process to: