Young Physicians Directory

Search Tips

Please use the tips listed below to aid you in your search for a physician. If you have used the tips and still are not able to locate your desired physician, please call our Information Services Department at (516) 488-6100 ext. 367 or 368.

  • Not sure of the proper spelling of the doctor’s last name?

Put in only the first few letters of the physician’s last name. Your search will come back with any physician whose last name begins with those letters.

  • Not sure of the proper spelling of the physician’s first name?

Leave out the first name. It is not a required field. Leaving the first name out will give you a search result of any physician in our database with your requested last name.

  • Search resulting in too many names?

Enter the City/Borough of the physician’s office location. This will limit your results to physicians’s with your specified name and in your specified City/Borough.

  • Not finding your physician’s name even though you are sure the name is entered correctly?

The Medical Society makes no claim that all New York licensed physicians are included in the Online Medical Directory because not all physicians have completed questionnaires required for publication.

  • Want to find physicians that practice in a particular field of medicine?

Using the “Physician Search by Specialty” you may select the specific specialty you are requesting from the specialty drop-down window. This will result in a list of physician’s that fit the specialty criteria you selected. You can limit your search by entering the physician’s county, city/borough or zip code.