Medical Student Section

Meetings of the MSSNY MSS

The Medical Student Section of MSSNY meets twice each year. The meetings generally take place on a weekend day and last from approximately 9 AM to 4 PM. The agenda for the meeting includes discussion of current issues in medicine both statewide and nationally, the work of the MSS committees, reports by the Governing Council, elections, medical school debt, graduate medical education, preserving residency slots, etc. Each medical school chapter is represented at these meetings and the chapter representative will provide an update on the activities that have taken place at their school. Any member can attend meetings of the MSSNY MSS. Resolutions which are written to introduce actions and policy at state and national meetings are discussed and voted upon. It was just such a resolution, written by a medical student and introduced at an AMA MSS meeting which ultimately banned smoking on airplanes!
The MSSNY MSS also participates in the Annual Meeting of the New York House of Delegates (HOD) where its three delegates and three alternate delegates take part in the debate on health care for the patients of New York and the profession of medicine as a whole. This is the opportunity to shape legislative policy both nationally and in New York State – especially as it affects availability of residency positions, debt, and your ability to be licensed as a resident physician.
The MSSNY MSS represents the medical schools of New York as a participant group of the AMA Medical Student Section twice per year – in June as part of the AMA Annual meeting in Chicago, and then again in November at the AMA Interim meeting which can be held anywhere in the country. Region VII, which is a geographically based subgroup of the AMA MSS comprised of the medical schools in New England and New York, meets once each year at a school within the Region.
There are many opportunities to meet medical students from all around the country, participate in community service projects, and just enjoy yourself with others in the profession – if you are not a member already, file an application for MSSNY and AMA membership right now!