Whether you’re in independent practice or you work for a large group or institution,
your future depends on a strong state medical society. 

  • MSSNY consistently quashes or modifies legislative proposals that would adversely impact your ability to deliver care to your patients
  • MSSNY consistently fights to assure that you, as a trained physician, not insurance companies or government, determine the appropriate course of care for your patients’ conditions and circumstances.
  • MSSNY helps you negotiate employment contracts that don’t leave you out on a limb after the initial honeymoon period ends. 
  • MSSNY provides information, education and insights to help you plan for the future and advance your career.

Here’s a short review of what MSSNY has accomplished for you in THIS legislative session alone. (Some bills passed by the Legislature are still awaiting the Governor’s signature.)  

  • Prevented action on the anticipated legislation that would provide a date of discovery exception to the current statute of limitations, arguing that without also enacting other tort reforms it would increase premiums by 15%, exacerbating an already untenable situation for New York physicians.
  • Defeated a proposal in the Governor’s budget that would have caused over 13,000 physicians across New York State to be dropped from the state-funded excess liability protection program, coverage that has existed since the mid-1980’s to protect physicians.
  • Again defeated efforts to remove limits on attorneys’ contingency fees in malpractice cases.
  • Defeated CVS Health’s bill that would have permitted retail stores like Walmart and CVS to establish “limited service” clinics, typically staffed by nurse practitioners, without a demonstration of public need.
  • Won inclusion in the state budget of a fund to help reimburse physicians and others for care provided to patients who were covered by the now-defunct Health Republic
  • Ensured continuance of “Prescriber Prevails” protections, notwithstanding efforts to eliminate them for fee-for-service Medicaid patients and for some medications prescribed for Medicaid Managed Care patients.
  • Obtained an exception to the E-Prescribing law for low-volume prescribers, and greatly simplified requirements for physicians who need to issue paper prescriptions because of power failures or other specified circumstances.
  • Secured passage of a proposal to permit physicians to override health plan step therapy prescription protocols.
  • Secured passage of proposals to establish a standard prior authorization form for requesting medication coverage and to reduce the timeframe for plan credentialing of new physicians.
  • Prevented legislation that would have required fingerprinting of health professionals from coming to a vote. 
  • Won exemption of private physician practices from new requirements that hours be extended for breast cancer screening services. Co-payments and deductibles will be eliminated for breast cancer screening.
  • Once again defeated every major bill that would have expanded the scope of practice of non-physicians including nurse anesthetists, podiatrists, oral surgeons, and optometrists.
  • Improved elements of the anticipated CME mandate on pain management: reduced the requirement to 3 hours every 3 years from the initial proposal of 8 hours every 2 years; allows for the course to be taken online; and allows exemptions for physicians for whose practices such a course is not applicable or who have already taken a course. MSSNY has an online course for which it anticipates recognition.
  • Defeated proposals to require a prescriber to provide consultation regarding the addictive nature of opioids and have the patient attest that they received the counseling. 

Who could have achieved these outcomes without MSSNY?

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