Your MSSNY Speakers are looking ahead to our 2023 House of Delegates meeting and are already making plans. We write to share with you important deadlines and logistical information so that you can plan appropriately.

The 2023 House of Delegates will be similar in structure to this past meeting.  It will be held at the Westchester Marriott Hotel in Tarrytown. While there is much that still needs to be planned and organized, we anticipate CME events on Friday, April 21 and the House to be called to order on Saturday (8 AM!) April 22.

The Ceremony of Presidents and the Presidents’ Dinner Dance will be Saturday night. Based on our ’22 HOD experience, we will very likely need to hold a business session on Sunday morning in order to complete our deliberations and pass the gavel from Dr. Mehta to Dr. Pipia.

This letter is to make you all aware of significant deadlines which you may want to place on your calendars:

Credentialing of Delegates
We ask that you provide the names of your delegates to our MSSNY office no later than Monday, November 28.  This deadline allows us to organize the data and consider reference committee appointments.

Please be sure your delegates are bonafide, 
paid MSSNY members to ensure they can participate. If someone will be serving for the first time, please indicate that when you send your delegate credentials. Send credentialing info to:  Michael Reyes

Please provide information about interest your delegates have in serving on an HOD reference committee. Reference committee appointments will be completed in early January and we will want to ensure those who have an interest are considered. Your recommendations are vital to this process.

Resolution Deadline
Resolutions will be due no later than Wednesday, March 1 2023. Resolutions can be submitted at any time but will be considered late if submitted after close of business (5 PM) on that Wednesday. Information regarding proper style and other criteria will be posted to the MSSNY website. Please follow those instructions and most importantly be sure to research the subject matterthoroughly, citing your research and existing MSSNY policy at the end of the resolution.

For now, these two deadlines should be your most critical concerns and we ask that you make a note of them on your calendars. Your cooperation allows the business of the House to move forward efficiently.

All our best,
Bill                                       Maria
William R. Latreille, MD                      Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                           Vice Speaker