Members of the 2020 House of Delegates
MSSNY Leadership 
County and Specialty Society Executive Staff

We write to ask that you provide any additional comments you may have on the House of Delegates resolutions posted to the MSSNY website.  

We have set a deadline of Friday, July 10
 for receipt of comments/testimony on the resolutions which have been posted since March.  

After this date, MSSNY staff and the reference committee members will be drafting the final ref com reports.  Once those reports are completed, they will be posted to the MSSNY website.

We continue to discuss ways in which all delegates can participate fully in the deliberations of a virtual MSSNY House of Delegates.   As more information becomes available, we will keep you informed.

Please forward any additional comments using the dedicated links shown on the HOD webpages by July 10.  

William R. Latreille, MD                               Maria Basile, MD                             Bonnie L. Litvack, MD
Speaker                                                    Vice Speaker                                     President

Click here for resolutions and reports