Puerto Rican Physcians

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Over the past few weeks our mainland has been devastated by hurricanes. Most recently, and most tragically, the island of Puerto Rico has been overcome with loss of life and lack of available medical services due to flooding, isolation and downed communication lines. Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes have been destroyed beyond repair. The entire Puerto Rican medical system has been critically damaged. Local officials have called conditions “a humanitarian crisis.”

The Medical Educational and Scientific Foundation Inc. (MESF), is MSSNY’s  not-for-profit subsidiary. As they have in other times of need, MESF is collecting funds to assist in recovery efforts. One hundred percent of the funds raised will support physicians in Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Sandy, due to your generosity, MESF was able to help many New York physicians rebuild their practices.  The program will help cover expenses (not covered by insurance or other funding) for relocating or rehabilitating a physician’s medical office. This may include replacing equipment, aiding needed staff, rebuilding patient records, and other similar needs all towards the goal of helping physicians once again treat patients.

I encourage you to join me in supporting the work of the Foundation with a generous contribution.

Donations can be made online here or by sending a check made payable to MESF with the designation “Hurricane Relief Fund” and mailed to: MSSNY, 865 Merrick Avenue, Westbury NY 11590. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for helping us to help others.


Charles Rothberg, MD
Medical Society of the State of New York