Staying Healthy

The Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) has been deeply concerned about the threat that increasing obesity and overweight rates will have on overall health and well being of the citizens of New York State. Significant studies have shown that obesity and overweight leads to other diseases - diseases that cost the United States and New York State billions of dollars to treat.

Obesity, overweight and other weight management issues occur in all ethnic populations and occur within all urban, suburban and rural areas of New York State.

At its 2002 House of Delegates, the Medical Society of the State of New York specifically targeted obesity, as one of today’s most prominent health issues, urgently focusing our full attention on the diagnosis and aggressive management of this condition. This paper articulates the growing problem concerning overweight, obesity and other conditions related to weight management such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

The Medical Society believes firmly that physicians and other health care providers, the educational institutions, the food industry, businesses, employers, the community, parents and other caregivers, must work together to resolve the rising levels of obesity in New York State’s young residents and adults. At the same time, the Medical Society also believes attention must be given to those individuals who suffer a distorted body image - leading to a vast array of medical conditions and death.

This paper is intended to help generate discussion within New York State in order to best meet the challenges before us. To that end, the Medical Society will begin to focus on key areas such as physician education, patient and community education, and changes within public policy that would allow individuals to seek the medical interventions addressing weight management. The Medical Society will depend strongly on the enthusiastic partnership of legislative leaders to help us educate, motivate and promote physical education programs for all New Yorkers. We will also need their committed support in effecting these changes in public policies related to weight management and healthy lifestyles.

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MSSNY White Paper on Obesity 
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