E-Prescribing Waiver Applications Now Available from BNE

The New York State Department of Health has announced its certification procedures for prescribers who write less than 25 prescriptions a year.  This process will enable prescribers to write paper prescriptions rather the e-prescriptions. 

Instructions for filing a certification through the Health Commerce System (HCS) can be found here.

The paper certification form can be found here and can be either emailed, mailed or faxed back to the NYS DOH Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.

With March 27, 2016 as the date that all prescriptions must be electronically submitted, the New York Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement has announced the availability of the Electronic Prescribing Waivers (EPW) application on the Health Commerce System (HCS). 

A prescriber must have a HCS account in order to file an electronic prescribing waiver.  Using the HCS account is the quickest way to file the EPW application.

This application allows an institution, medical group practice or an individual practitioner to submit a request for a waiver from the requirement to electronically prescribe. Following are links to instructions for completing the online application on the Health Commerce System, based on the type of requestor:  

If you do not have an HCS account, a paper version is NOW available upon request. Please contact the BNE at 1-866-811-7957, option 1.  The paper form is available for applications for institutions, group practices and individual practices and will be sent to requestors. 

If physicians experience difficulties with their HCS account,  please call:  1-866-529-1890.

If a prescriber experiences any issues with the on-line Electronic Prescribing Waiver, they should call 1-866-811-7957.