Michael Johnson, VP of Marketing and Research

Practicemax is a national company with HQ in Scottsdale Arizona and a NY State office in Brewster (Putnam County). It services the provider industry including physician practices. Two primary lines of services include practice/facility revenue cycle management and marketing/patient engagement. They provide the usual billing and collection services, claim revenue, claim coding, coding review, data analysis, financial reporting, and compliance. The second major piece is their patient communication platform and customer satisfaction tools, which could improve the online presence of physician practices and be helpful for practice growth/expansion. They have some innovative concepts on patient satisfaction and online feedback.

Pricing would depend on EHR hosting and range of services desired. They have the capability to host ECW and Nextgen EHRs, or they can remotely access the physician office EHR for billing. The marketing piece is a la carte, and could include a new/renewed website with patient communication, patient reminder/holiday greeting, patient satisfaction surveys with positive  reviews transmitted to RateMD, HealthGrades, etc, as well as communications with referring physicians for marketing purposes.