Healthcare Transitions Management
1 John Street, Babylon, NY  11702
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HTM provides services to physicians on 3 different levels:

  1. Outsourced billing - Outsourced billing is available in 2 models with practice level customization available in both of them. In the first more common model, we do the billing on our system. The client sends us the source documentation either on paper or electronically. The practice forwards the EOBs and all billing correspondence. We manage the Account Receivables and provide monthly reports. We meet with our clients every month. Based on a number of variables this is priced for each practice on a series of transaction rates with a percentage of collect ions cap (maximum). In the second model, we utilize their existing Practice Management software and manage it remotely from our location.  
  2. Consulting - Consulting services are customized for the need of the client. They can encompass anything on the business side of the practice ranging from a full assessment which may cost between $4000 and $10000 (depending on practice size and complexity) to a very specific task priced on an hourly basis at $125 per hour. Each consulting engagement starts with a customized proposal.  
  3. Practice Management - In this model clients retain HTM to work with full time staff in managing the practice. This is priced on a retainer basis dependent on the needs of the client.