Krista Bleich, Certified EMyth Business Coach

Brought to the Task Force by Stephanie Siegrist, MD

There is a way that you can preserve your independent medical practice. Dr. Stephanie Siegrist is an excellent example of what’s possible when you remain independent – and EMyth coaching helped get her where she is today.

10 years ago she stumbled upon EMyth as a coaching company to help her start to work on her business. The light bulb went off that she could build herself a practice that she was proud of as she learned the business systems she needed to put into place that would help her success.

In medical school you were taught how to be doctors, and now you are trying to run a business without a roadmap. It is a daunting task at best, especially without help or guidance. EMyth has been around for 40 years helping people like you to build successful business.

I understand that your time is limited, so I’ am happy to share our free online course materials with you. You can access these courses here: https://emyth.com. While it’s great content, it is limited in scope as how it can really help you to change. Working with a coach enables you to capitalize on, and stay accountable to the processes that will help you meet your business goals.

Let me ask you this each individually. What is it that you want for your practice? What is it you want for your patients? What is it that you want for your patients? What is it that you want for your life?

Next steps you can take:

  • Learn more about how the EMyth Perspective can help you keep or grow your practice with a free 1 ½ hour Introduction to EMyth Couching webinar. You can schedule this as a group.
  • Want to get right into it? Schedule a free consultation with me to talk about your goals, identify what’s in your way, and work on a plan to build the independent practice you want.