Members of the MSSNY Physician Stress and Burnout Task Force

Michael R. Privitera, MD, Chair
Fouad Atallah, MD, Publication Subcommittee Chair
Maria A. Basile, MD, Vice Chair
Christopher Bell, Advisor
Mark Stuart Bertin, MD
William C. Brender, MD
Frank G. Dowling, MD
Caroline M. Gomez-Di Cesare, MD
Arthur Stewart Hengerer, MD
Moudi Hubeishy
Aaron Kumar, MD, MBA, Advisor
Thomas J. Madejski, MD
Donald E. Moore, MD, FACP
Gerald J. Ortiz, MD
Malcolm Reid, MD
Charles Rothberg, MD
Jeffrey Alan Selzer, MD
Louis Steven Snitkoff, MD
William F. Streck, MD
Steven Jay Walerstein, MD
Anthony P. Weiss, MD
Luis Carlos Zapata, MD

MSSNY Staff:
Terrance M. Bedient
Sandra Bennett
Thomas M. Donoghue
Philip Schuh, CPA
Eunice Skelly