Dear Physician Leaders,

We have had some substantial changes to our original plan per Congressman Sessions.  He has asked that all of our letters be addressed to Speaker Boehner and that they are sent in the U.S. mail (46 cent stamp).  The letter below is slightly different from the original one.  Remember, we need more time to correct the huge number of codes and the flawed implementation process of ICD-10.  Please download the letter, fill in the date on the letter, personalize it on your office letterhead, CC to your congressman, sign it and then mail the original to Speaker Boehner and the other copies.  All of these letters need to go in the U.S. mail.  I also want you to have your society exec send a copy of this document you are reading to all physicians in your state or specialty society and you could also send this to all the physicians in your email address book.  We need thousands of these letters to Congress ASAP if we want to have any chance for further delay. 

If you are having trouble getting to a mailbox then scan the letter after you sign it and email to Marcy Zwelling. It will get to the speaker and chairman.


Jeff Terry, MD            251-423-7713
Marcy Zwelling, MD   562-900-2650

John T. Gill, MD         214-616-7076