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About the Young Physicians Directory

Welcome to our MSSNY Young Physicians Network. This is the place to find a referral physician for your patients, to connect with other YP members in a given specialty, etc. Please send any comments and suggestions to

If you are a young physician and wish to opt out of this network, please contact

Directions for Using the Young Physicians Directory

You can search by specialty or by a physician’s name. You can then narrow down your search by county, city/borough, or zip code. If you want a list of all young physician members in a specialty in the state, leave the location fields blank.

To search for a physician by name, enter a first and last name in the fields below. To broaden your search, enter only the first few letters of each name, or leave the first name field blank.

To limit your search to a specific city or borough, include a selection from the city/borough drop down menu.

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