Medical Directory of the State of New York

Welcome to the Medical Society of the State of New York's Online Directory. The Online Directory is reflective of information contained in the 2013-2014 Medical Directory (print version). Here you will find biographical data for doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy in New York State . The Online Directory also includes information on all New York State Hospitals and a Resource Section of Federal and State Agencies, Health Insurance Carriers, and other Public Health Agencies.

About the Online Directory

The Online Directory reflects the print version of The Medical Directory of New York State. Both the online and the print version of the directory provide information about New York State physicians and hospitals that have responded to recent or past surveys and questionnaires. The difference between the two versions is that the data on the online version is real-time and may be constantly updated whereas the data on the print version is fixed until the next publication. The print version of the Medical Directory is compiled and published as a reference source of demographic and professional information every two years. The information listed is extracted from our master computer physician database. Additional sources of data are maintained in our master file which includes data obtained from the AMA, County Medical Societies and other medical organizations/institutions. The physician master file includes members and non-members of the Medical Society. The Medical Society makes no claim that all New York licensed physicians are included in the Medical Directory because not all physicians have completed questionnaires required for publication. The Medical Society of The State of New York is not responsible for validating any information supplied by physicians. Physician biographical information may contain all or some of the following data:

  • Physician’s full name (members of the Medical Society are noted with a * next to their name)
  • Address, telephone and fax number (for up to three office addresses)
  • Medical school and year of graduation
  • Certification by American Boards in Medical Specialties
  • Certification by American Osteopathic Specialty Boards
  • Qualifications for general and special work under the Worker’s Compensation Act of New York State
  • Membership in bona fide Medical Societies, international, national and state
  • Fellowship in the American Specialty Colleges
  • Fellowship in the American Osteopathic Colleges
  • Medical staff and research appointments in voluntary, municipal, state and federal hospitals, and proprietary hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (official titles)
  • Insurance Companies (up to five insurance carriers as designated by the physician)
  • Foreign Languages (up to three foreign languages as designated by the physician)
  • E-mail address
  • Website Address

Directions for Searching the Online Medical Directory

This Online Directory is your one-stop resource for contacting individual MSSNY members as well as non-members. The MSSNY Online Directory is easy to use and is updated in real-time. You may search for a physician by name or by specialty. You may also use the Online Directory to obtain information on Hospitals in New York State and to access our Resource Directory. Click on one of the links on the right to begin your search.

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