Healthcare Professional Transparency Act (Truth in Advertising) Advocacy Campaign

Supporting legislation which would ensure the appropriate identification of all health care professionals in their one on one interactions with patients and in their advertisements to the public. 

Importantly, this bill (S. 4651-A, Griffo/A. 7129-A, Stirpe) would require that advertisements for services to be provided by health care practitioners identify the type of professional license held by the health care professional. In addition, this measure would require all advertisements to be free from any and all deceptive or misleading information. Ambiguous provider nomenclature, related advertisements and marketing, and the myriad of individuals one encounters in each point of service exacerbate patient uncertainty. Further, patient autonomy and decision-making are jeopardized by uncertainty and misunderstanding in the health care patient-provider relationship. 

Additionally, this measure would require health care practitioners to wear an identification name tag during patient encounters that includes the type of license held by the practitioner. The bill would also require the health care practitioner to display a document in his or her office that clearly identifies the type of license that the practitioner holds.

The following documents are provided to assist in your advocacy:

We also refer you to the action alert at the MSSNY grassroots Action Center. The linked alert will allow you to contact your NYS legislators via email or fax.

We thank you for your anticipated advocacy on this issue, which we believe to be vitally important to our ultimate success in this campaign. If you have anyquestions or need more information, please call Liz Dears or Moe Auster at the Division of Governmental Affairs at (518)465-8085.

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