Become a MSSNY Student Member Today

Call 800-523-4405 ext 368 or 404 to join by phone.

Professional membership for medical students through your school chapter means three things:

· Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY, state level)
· County Medical Society
· American Medical Association (AMA, national level of membership)
An application, available at or provided by your chapter recruiter, will afford you membership in all three organizations. Most applications allow you to sign up for all four years of medical school at one time so you don’t have to renew each year AND, if you sign up for all four years when you start school, you get:

           · a discount on your dues 
           · the chance to help your chapter earn funds to support local activities
           · all the member benefits a full dues paying member may use
           · a gift from the AMA (Netters, First Aid study guide, etc)
Dues for membership in the Medical Society of the State of New York, AMA, and your county medical society for the full four years of school total $68. This represents a discount of 98% for medical students compared to physician dues. You may join for less than four years of course. Those who join for one year at a time will be billed each year so that they can renew their membership.
Medical student membership is available only to students enrolled in a medical or osteopathic school in the United States and either attend school in New York State or have a permanent New York address.
You may apply for membership by clicking here , through your school recruiter or over the telephone by calling 800-523-4405, extension 404 or 368. A credit card must be used if joining over the phone or through the website, but any information which is required on the application can be given over the telephone in complete confidentiality. Information which is provided on our applications is never released or sold to any outside source. For those who prefer to give their application to their chapter recruiter or apply by mail, checks may also be used.
What are some benefits of joining your professional associations-
- Networking and learning opportunities with physician leaders
-  Legislative and public health involvement
-  Leadership opportunities
- Free Gift from the AMA for 4 year members
- News of New York and MSSNY eNews
- Full Access to the JAMA Network
- FREIDA online member-only access – free database of all graduate medical education programs
- Curriculum Vitae Service
- AMA discounts with Hertz Car rental and UPS shipping
- News Services
- Legal Services

What does the MSS do for you-
- Provides a voice in decisions affecting your career
- Ensures your education by monitoring tuitions
- Supports local activism and community service
- Offers grants for health related projects in the local community
- Protects your patients through educational materials and projects
- Enhances your network of medical colleagues
- Hones your leadership skills
- Provides opportunities for fun!
Some accomplishments:
- Defeated a proposal to require SUNY med students to years of public service
- Halted differential tuition at SUNY medical schools
- Protected your ability to get low cost educational loans
- Worked to establish a fair residency selection process
- Preserved in-school interest exemptions for federal student loans
- Initiated policy which led to cigarette smoking ban on aircraft