Memorial Resolutions

Memorial Resolutions will be accepted for deceased members.  While there is no deadline for receipt of memorial resolutions, practicality requires that they be submitted by Friday, May 13 in order to be included in and recognized at the House of Delegates.

Memorial Resolutions will be posted here and recognition of deceased members will be made at the opening session on Friday, May 21.  These resolutions will NOT be printed or distributed at the HOD.

Please download the following documents: 
Memorial Resolutions guidelines - provides basic info on construction of a memorial resolution
Memorial Resolutions template - a template you may use to insert necessary information on your member.
Remove and overwrite the yellow highlighted text – it is only there to as a guide. If you do not have date of birth or death, include what you feel is appropriate.

BE REMINDED – if you wish the memorial resolution to be sent with a cover letter from the Speaker to the spouse or other family member 
YOU must include the name and address to which the letter and resolution is to be sent.