Your Speakers and staff have been hard at work getting the business of the 2022 House of Delegates organized. This letter contains many important items you will want to include on your calendar, therefore, we urge you to read the entire letter.  The information contained here will enhance your House of Delegates experience and allow you to participate fully! 

RESOLUTIONS  Thank you to all the members of the House who took time to write resolutions and submit them for consideration. We received a total of 75 resolutions, five are referred to the House Committee on Bylaws, and two have been referred to the Rules and Credentials Committee as late submissions. Several resolutions were withdrawn. As of today, resolutions to be considered as business of the House are posted to the MSSNY HOD webpages.   Click here for the 2022 Resolutions. MSSNY Member log-in is required  The resolution installation allows you to comment on the content or suggest an amendment through DropBoxA Dropbox account is not required to view the resolutions, but a Dropbox account is required if you wish to post any comments.  A Dropbox account is free to sign up but you can also sign in with a Google or Apple account.  Comments posted by members of the House are of enormous assistance to the reference committee when drafting their report and we anticipate those comments could shorten testimony during the ref com hearings.  REFERENCE COMMITTEES AND HEARINGS  We extend our thanks to the members of the House who have agreed to serve on convention and reference committees so that the work of the 2022 House of Delegates can be accomplished. The contribution of these delegates cannot be overstated – the sacrifice of their time and effort is what gets the job done.  The schedule of reference committee hearings is as follows and is also listed on the MSSNY website.   Sunday, April 3 - 9 AM 
Governmental Affairs B  Monday, April 4 - 6 PM Governmental Affairs A  Tuesday, April 5 - 6:30 PP Bylaws  Wednesday, April 6 – 6:30 PM Reports of Officers  Thursday, April 7 – 6 PM Socio-Medical Economics  Saturday, April 9 – 9 AM Public Health and Education  You will need to REGISTER for each hearing to ensure you receive the link to participate on that day. Registration information is also on  Reference committee reports will be drafted based on testimony posted to the website and received during the hearings.  We are planning to have those reports posted on or before Friday, May 6.  THE CONVENTION COMMITTEE ON RULES, CREDENTIALS AND ORDER OF BUSINESS will be meeting on Monday, March 28 at 7 PM. The committee will consider late resolutions that have been submitted.   Members of the House should be advised that ANY resolution received after March 28 will be treated as an “emergency” resolution and will require a ¾ majority vote of the House to be moved forward as business. If required, that vote will take place Saturday morning as part of the presentation of the Rules and Credentials report. Be reminded the House of Delegates convenes at 8 AM on Saturday, May 21.  Authors of late resolutions will be invited to the Rules Committee meeting to explain the reason for the lateness of their submission. The merits of the resolution are not discussed – only the reason the resolution was submitted after the February 25 deadline.   CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION  Some courses are still waiting for accreditation but we expect everything to be in place by next week. ALL CME will be held on Friday, May 20 starting at 7:30 AMMore detailed course descriptions and registration will be installed on the MSSNY website next week.  For now, please see the information below and links to register: 

7:30-8:30AM  Medical Matters: What’s Your Diagnosis: Infectious Diseases  Faculty William Valenti, MD  This program is supported in whole by a DHHS grant entitled New York State Hospital Preparedness Program  8:40-9:40 AM  Physicians Wellness: Women in Medicine: Up the Down Staircase   * (registration forthcoming for this webinar)  Faculty Carol Bernstein, MD  9:50-10:50 AM  Health Equity: The Health of Sexual and Gender Minorities  Faculty Carl Streed, MD  11:00-12:00 PM  Veterans Matters: COVID-19 and its Impact on Veterans   Faculty Frank Dowling, MD   This program is supported in whole by a grant from the New York State Office of Mental Health.  MLMIC will be conducting courses starting at 1:00  in the afternoon and a single registration link for the three courses listed below is here:  Course titles are:  “EHR in the Courtroom, What the Practitioner Should Know”  “Addressing the Disruptive Patient: Strategies for a Changing Dynamic”   “New York State Healthcare Law Review”  WESTCHESTER MARRIOTT HOTEL  If you have not yet done so, don’t forget to make your hotel reservation.  The reservation link to do so is on the MSSNY website or you can call 914-631-2200 to reserve.  The room rate is $159 plus tax per night.  There are rooms available for Friday and Saturday evenings and the link closes soon.  CEREMONY OF PRESIDENTS & PRESIDENTS DINNER DANCE  We will kick off the festivities on Saturday evening with a return to the Ceremony of Presidents event at which we recognize those who have given selflessly to the Medical Society.  The event also provides an opportunity for our President Elect to provide those assembled with his vision for his term as President. We will wish him the best as he assumes his new role.  As we have noted in previous communications, Dr. Parag Mehta, who will be installed as MSSNY President at this meeting, is planning an extraordinary event for Saturday night. Dr. Mehta has planned a cocktail reception immediately after the Ceremony with passed hors d’oeuvres, followed by a buffet dinner that will offer Asian options from Tandoor’s extensive menu choices.   We ask that delegates RSVP for the President’s Dinner Dance by going to the form on the MSSNY website. You must complete the RSVP form in order to receive a dinner ticket.  Delegates attend the Dinner Dance at no cost and may bring their spouse or one guest, also at no cost.  Additional tickets are available for purchase.  Click here to complete the form. MSSNY member log-in required  We will see you at the ref com hearings next month, but we very much are looking forward to May and seeing you all again in person!  Be well, see you soon! 

Bill                                      Maria
William R. Latreille, MD                                          Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                                     Vice Speaker