An important House of Delegates deadline is coming up soon!  

Your credentialed delegates must be submitted by Thursday, January 27
.  Send credentialing to Michael Reyes

Delegates who may be interested in serving on a reference or house committee need to be submitted by deadline so their membership status can be verified and their contact information loaded into the HOD database.  
ALL DELEGATES must have their MSSNY dues paid in order to serve as your representative during the House of Delegates.

Reference committee appointments will be considered in early February.  Please be sure you provide information about anyone interested in serving on a committee and which specific committee they request. We make every effort to appoint those who show an interest but cannot always guarantee that someone will be asked. Please note that all reference committee hearings will be held virtually with dates and times established
well before the hearings.

Information regarding hotel reservations and the link to access rooms is not yet available.  We will ensure that you have that information as soon as it is available so you can reserve a hotel room. The possibility of a hybrid meeting was researched and MSSNY does not have the technical capability to hold such a meeting. Therefore, we have no plans to offer a virtual option to participate in the HOD, so please be sure to obtain your room early. 

We call your attention to a second important deadline – and that is for submission of resolutions to be considered, discussed and voted upon. 
Submit your resolutions by 5 PM on Friday, February 25. Send your resolutions to Laurie Mayer

We ask that resolutions be properly formatted, well thought out and constructed, and any research to document the author’s resolved clause is included. This is a substantial help to reference committee staff.  Authors should include policy citations from 
MSSNY’s position statementsPlease remember – resolutions that repeat existing policy will likely wind up on the reaffirmation calendar!

The House of Delegates will begin promptly at 8 AM on Saturday, May 21 and will continue until late afternoon. The completed reference committee reports and the recommendations made within them will be the focus of the day. While we will make every effort to complete discussion of our ref com reports on Saturday, discussion may continue Sunday.

We are planning for the Ceremony of Presidents and a 
spectacular dinner dance to recognize our new President, Parag Mehta, MD on Saturday night. The party will be a true celebration of seeing each other in person!

William R. Latreille, Jr, MD                                     Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                                     Vice Speaker

NB – Mark the date of March 8 (Tuesday)–Physician Advocacy Day on your calendar. It will start at 8 AM. If you have not already done so, please click here to register to participate in the virtual event that supports New York physicians and our issues!