Our House of Delegates meeting is a mere five weeks away – and we are very much looking forward to the meeting.  After two years, it will be wonderful to see you all and not through a computer screen!  Our reference committee hearings, held last week, were a success.  We not only thank all the members of the House who serve on those ref coms and are now working with staff to draft the reports, but we thank the members of the House who attended those hearings and provided testimony.  That testimony, comments posted to the website and the experience and research provided by MSSNY staff will be used to draft the reports and the recommendations on each item of business.  We expect to have those reports posted on or before Friday, May 6, and will communicate when they are available.  We have been providing information about the events taking place from May 20-22, but felt it was worth confirming that schedule:  Westchester Marriott HotelDue Friday, April 22  Reservations at the group rate must be made by Friday, April 22. The hotel may not have rooms available after this date and rooms booked after April 22 will be at the prevailing rate posted by the hotel. Click here to book a reservation or you can call 914-631-2200 to reserve.  Presidents’ Dinner DanceDue Friday, May 6  The dinner dance will take place on Saturday, May 22. Everyone must RSVP for this event in order to be provided with a ticket and seating assignment. If you have not yet responded, please do so now - Dinner Dance  The dinner will be a diverse buffet of entrees that offer something appealing for everyone.  For those who require it, Kosher meals may be ordered through the RSVP form link shown above.  Friday, May 20  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Exhibitor Gallery – Grand Assembly  7:30 AM to 5:00 PM - Continuing Medical Education Courses – Grand Ballroom D/E 

~Be sure to register for the courses you plan to attend.   ~These courses are VIRTUAL and your participation can be done from your own computer at a location of your choice.   
~Those participating by Zoom should be aware that your active participation is tracked by the zoom application and you will receive credit only for the hours you are logged in.  ~The hotel location is a viewing area ONLY. Registration will be conducted on site for those attending at the hotel. 

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM - RFS and MSS Poster Symposium– Tarrytown Ballroom  Saturday, May 21  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Exhibitor Gallery – Grand Assembly  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM – House of Delegates convenes – Grand Ballroom  5:45 PM – Ceremony of Presidents – Tarrytown Ballroom  7:00 PM – Presidents Dinner Dance – Grand Ballroom  Sunday, May 22  7:00 AM – Exhibitor Gallery – Grand Assembly  8:00 AM – HOD General Session – Grand Ballroom  TBA – MSSNY Council – Tarrytown Ballroom  Delegates should be aware that we are planning for session on Sunday morning. While we will make every effort to complete discussion of the HOD business on Saturday, we can make no guarantee and we will not stifle discussion to achieve a Saturday adjournment. The House must recess by 4:30 on Saturday so that the hotel has adequate time to reset the ballroom for dinner.  This is a hard stop and shortens the time we have to discuss ref com reports and other business.  Credentialing of Delegates  We remind everyone that delegates must be credentialed in order to participate fully in the House of Delegates.  This includes recognition on the floor of the House to provide testimony and the voting process.  Election of New York delegates to the AMA will commence on Friday, April 29.  Therefore, credentialing must be completed by 5 PM on Thursday, 4/28. This election will be conducted by ElectionRunner and those properly credentialed will receive a ballot by email on 4/29.  Delegates have one week in which to vote.  Balloting closes at 9 PM on Friday, May 6. Results of the election will be announced at the House of Delegates.  Election of MSSNY officers, councilors and trustees will take place Saturday afternoon during the House of Delegates. Credentialing of delegates for this purpose must be completed by 4 PM on Friday, May 20.  We continue to monitor the public health situation as it relates to Covid infections. As leaders of the medical community, we ask that you be fully immunized and boosted. At this time, we will not require masks, but those who wish should feel comfortable wearing them during the meeting. Your Speakers will adhere to the CDC and NYS Department of Health recommendations and guidelines during our House of Delegates and will reassess as it becomes imminent.