Good Afternoon Members of the House of Delegates! 

We are a week away from our Annual HOD meeting and we are confident that this will be a robust, successful event.  We are writing to reiterate critically important items
 that will ensure your HOD experience is a good one.

Don’t forget to vote!  Every delegate should have received voting credentials with login information from  That login information allows you to access the ballot and cast your vote. 

Each delegate should vote for 10 people listed on the ballot.  You may vote for fewer than 10, but not more than 10.  
The balloting period will extend through 9 PM on Tuesday, September 14 at which time the polls will close. 

If you cannot find an email with your voting ID and key, please email Michael Reyes at MSSNY
. Only delegates credentialed by the August 31 deadline will have received voting information. 

Because we are unable to meet in person, the process for submitting an amendment to a reference committee report has changed.  We will continue to provide delegates/delegations with the opportunity to amend the reference committee recommendations contained in the reports, but we ask that you do so IN WRITING.  We feel strongly this will expedite the discussion of the reports during the HOD session on September 18 and make for a smoother, and more transparent experience. Amendments will be accepted on the day of the HOD; we ask those amendments submitted the day of the House to be “friendly” – meaning only a few words to change a recommendation.  Remember too, even if you have submitted an amendment by email YOU STILL MUST EXTRACT THE ITEM ON THE DAY OF THE HOD MEETING!  If you do not extract the item you have amended, it will remain on the consent calendar.  The House will begin discussion of the reference committee reports using the recommendations of the reference committee for each item. 

If you wish to submit an amendment to a 
recommendation in a reference committee report: 
Communicate by email to the appropriate staff person for the reference committee.  The contact information is listed below: 

HC Bylaws Report- 2020 Resolutions: Laurie Mayer 
Governmental Affairs (A): Moe Auster 
Governmental Affairs (B): Zina Cary 
Public Health & Education: Pat Clancy 
Reports of Officers and Admin Matters:  Sandy Bennett 
Socio-Medical Economics:  Moe Auster

Indicate in the
 email subject line
AMENDMENT Ref Com (titleie Bylaws, A, B, PHE, ROAM, SME) 


In the body of the email provide the following: 
Your name and your delegation 
The item number from the ref com report 
The resolution #   
The page and line # your amendment relates to 
Clearly indicate your amendment language and whether it is in addition to, a deletion and addition, or simple deletion to the existing recommendation in the report.  Best practice would be to copy the existing text and indicate where your amendment is to be placed, underlining additional language or striking out language to be deleted.  

Indicate if your amendment is from you as an individual or for your delegation.

The steps outlined above are exactly what would be required on the triplicate form usually submitted at an in-person meeting.

mendments you wish to make to the content of the recommendations 
should be submitted in writing by Wednesday, September 15, at 5 PM. 

The Order of Business 
for the House of Delegates discussion of reference committee reports will be:
Governmental Affairs A 
Public Health and Education 
Governmental Affairs B 
Socio-Medical Economics 
Reports of Officers and Administrative Matters 

Each reference committee Chair will be asked to present their report.  Once the report has been introduced, the Speaker will ask for extractions.
Please be prepared to raise your Zoom hand and extract the resolution for which you have submitted an amendment.  If you do not extract that item, the resolution will be addressed through the consent calendar for that reference committee and therefore, not discussed further. 

Your Speakers will hold two practice sessions for the HOD meeting. Feel free to participate in either or both.  They will take place Tuesday, September 14 at 7 PM and on Wednesday, September 15 at 7 PMPlease click the date(s) to register for the practice sessions. 

CME events originally planned for Friday, September 17 will continue to take place—they will move to a virtual platform as well.  Information about the different programs and registration links have been posted to the MSSNY website for some time.  We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to earn your CME credits. 
Click here for more information and to register.  For those who registered as in person participants your registration will automatically be changed to virtual attendance. 

The House of Delegates will commence at 8 AM on Saturday, September 18 and the meeting link will be sent to all credentialed delegates as the meeting gets closer.  Guests and staff will receive a separate link which will allow them to view the proceedings. We strongly recommend that delegates planning to participate join by desktop or laptop computer.  Additionally, delegates should either PRINT the reference committee reports or have a second device on which they can view the reports.   

When speaking in the House we ask that delegates keep their remarks brief and on topic.
We will provide all those wishing to testify their opportunity to speak, but everyone will be limited to 2 minutes maximum. 

lease do NOT join the meeting or prepare to participate while driving!

We may require more than one day for the House of Delegates because the virtual methodology tends to be a bit slower than live testimony, so we ask that you try to leave some time on Sunday, 9/19 for completing our HOD business if it is needed.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the House of Delegates!

Bill Maria William R. Latreille, MD Maria A. Basile, MD  Speaker Vice Speaker