As May draws to a close we want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day – enjoy your celebration and the freedom of being vaccinated and mask-less in public places. 

In four weeks time, resolutions for the House of Delegates are due (June 25).
  Please submit resolutions as soon as possible, but not later than 5:00 PM on that Friday.  Items received after the deadline will be forwarded to the Rules and Credentials Committee for consideration.  The ONLY exception to this deadline is for Memorial Resolutions which we accept at any time until the House of Delegates meeting.

Information about the requirements for resolutions – including proper formatting, required research, etc. – is posted on the MSSNY HOD webpages.
  Resolutions which do not meet those requirements will be returned for further work.  We remind you that resolutions must be sent as WORD files – not pdf files – and each resolution must be sent as its own separate document with a brief title/file name.  DO NOT place multiple resolutions in a single file and send it to the office – the file will be returned to you for separation.

Receipt of resolutions will be acknowledged by the MSSNY office.
  Staff will review each resolution and if there are questions, the sender will be contacted. 

We cannot stress enough that resolutions MUST be researched for existing policy both MSSNY and AMA.
  Any pertinent policy must be appended to the resolution.  If you find policy that is relevant, consider whether you should submit the resolution – it very likely will be recommended for reaffirmation and therefore, never be discussed in the House of Delegates.

Once reviewed, the resolutions will be forwarded to the Resolution Review Committee for its assessment and evaluation as business of the House.
  This reinforces the need for your resolutions to be properly constructed.

The next step in the process will be to post resolutions to the MSSNY website, those the RRC recommends for consideration and are to be assigned to a particular reference committee.
  Delegates will have the ability to comment on each resolution on the website and are encouraged to do so.

Virtual reference committee hearings will take place on Friday-August 6, Saturday- August 7 and Sunday-August 8.
  The order of the ref com hearings will be determined by the Speakers based on the quantity and subject matter of business items.  We will announce that order well before the hearings and provide every credentialed delegate with the start and end time for each hearing.

We are planning an event on Friday afternoon in the City Center which will recognize those who have made extraordinary contributions over the last 18 months.
  It will follow the continuing medical education programs but precede the dinner which will take place that evening. 

We recognize that there have been issues with hotel rooms for this meeting – unfortunately, the concert announced after MSSNY’s contract was signed with the Hilton exacerbated the hotel situation.
  We acknowledge the problems this has caused for many of you.

We remain enthusiastic about this House of Delegates meeting and are working diligently to make it productive and a roadmap for shorter meetings as mandated by the HOD – we are already working on HOD 2022!

Bill                                      Maria
William R. Latreille, MD                                          Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                                Vice Speaker