We are making progress planning the House of Delegates in September.  The Saratoga City Center has been locked in for Saturday, September 18.  The HOD will convene in Main Hall D at 8 AM on Saturday and we plan to finish discussion of reference committee reports by 6 PM at the latest.  Reports will be posted to the MSSNY website by September 3 for delegations to read and discuss at their caucuses.

In conjunction with MLMIC and MSSNY’s Division of Public Health, continuing medical education courses are planned for Friday, September 17 and they too will take place at the Saratoga City Center.  At this time, we expect CME to begin at 10 AM on Friday and continue through the day.  As details and registration become available, we will send that information to you.  It will also be posted to the MSSNY HOD webpages.

We have been notified by the AMA that the Annual meeting held in June will be executed virtually again this year.  AMA recognizes that it must comply with restrictions placed on gatherings by the city of Chicago and the CDC. While disappointing news, until everyone is vaccinated and all AMA attendees have had time to develop their immune response, it is the right decision. 

The larger disappointment from this announcement is that we also have received information that indicates that because the meeting is virtual, AMA plans to limit the number of resolutions to be considered at the J21 Special Meeting.  Specific criteria for those resolutions require a statement of priority for each item and each Society must submit their resolutions as a prioritized list. Only those resolutions addressing issues that are most 
URGENT and CRITICAL to the practice of medicine and treatment of patients will be accepted.  

As you know, your Speakers had requested resolutions which delegates believed required AMA attention to be submitted by 5 PM on March 31.  In light of the limitations that we know are to be placed on the business considered at the Special AMA meeting, we ask authors to consider their resolution(s) and honestly evaluate them for content that would be considered urgent and critical.  
Would your resolution qualify as a priority for AMA consideration?  If you believe it does, please provide a few sentences supporting that belief when you submit your resolution. Don’t forget that the MSSNY RRC will consider your resolution before it is processed further – that committee must agree that your resolution is urgent and would pass muster by the AMA. If your resolution does not meet the urgent/critical requirement, please indicate that you are comfortable with it being held for consideration by the MSSNY HOD in September. If adopted by the MSSNY HOD, it would then be sent to the November AMA meeting.  The AMA is considering adding an extra day to the Interim meeting in order to address any back log of resolutions and other business.

Overnight rooms are being held for MSSNY attendees at the Saratoga Hilton Hotel.  For those who recall attending the HOD in Saratoga in the past, you know the Hilton is attached to the City Center.  Attendees who are NOT part of MSSNY leadership may book their hotel room by using this link 

The link will also be installed on the MSSNY HOD webpages.  Please book your room as soon as possible but NOT later than August 16.  Availability of hotel rooms at the Hilton after that date cannot be guaranteed.

MSSNY leadership has been contacted separately for their hotel needs and those reservations will be made by MSSNY staff.  (County/specialty staff please take note of this so you are not duplicating efforts.  All officers, councilors, trustees, past presidents past speakers, and section delegates are booked and paid for directly by MSSNY.)  Questions can be directed to Laurie Mayer at MSSNY 

As part of the annual HOD, your Speakers want to recognize those members of our physician community who fell victim to the Covid pandemic.  Please provide names of those who died as a result of contracting Covid or any physician who died as a result Covid related circumstances.  Memorial resolutions are also welcome for these heroic physicians. Please send that information to 
lmayer@mssny.org no later than September 10.
Click the following links to download a memorial resolution guideline instructions and memorial resolution template

Those urgent and critical resolutions that you wish AMA to consider at the Special Meeting are due in FIVE DAYS!
  Ensure that your resolution follows the proper formatting (info on the HOD webpages) and is researched for existing policy by utilizing the following links:




Be safe, be healthy!

William R. Latreille, MD                   Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                          Vice Speaker