TODAY IS THE DAY!!!  Resolutions are due this afternoon at 5:00.  

If you have not already done so, please forward your resolutions – ensuring they are properly formatted, researched and each is in a separate word file of its own. 

As resolutions are reviewed by staff and the Resolution Review Committee, they will be posted on the MSSNY website for comment.  We will be using dropbox for posting resolution comments again this year and urge delegates to share their thoughts before the reference committee hearings.  We anticipate posting resolutions to the MSSNY website by July 23.

We are pleased to announce that reference committees are in place and ready to begin work.  The hearings held to discuss resolutions assigned to each ref com are scheduled for the first weekend in August.  The order of the hearings will be determined by the Speakers based on quantity of business and other considerations.

Continuing Medical Education events are scheduled for Friday, September 17 at the Saratoga City Center.  At this time, the following credit courses have been developed:

Managing Mental Health: Beyond the Behavioral Health Unit
Mark Ambrose, DNP, MBA, RN, 
Donnaline Richman, BSN, MN, Esq

In My Defense: The Perspective of a Physician in a Malpractice Suit
John W. Lombardo, MD, FACS

2021 Healthcare Law Review
Nancy E. May-Skinner, Esq.

Steps to Physician Wellness and Resiliency
Frank Dowling, MD

Medical Matters:  COVID Questions and Answers
William Valenti, MD

Overloaded:  How Racism and Poverty Impact Physical and Mental Health
Wade Norwood

Veterans Matters:  Substance Use Disorders in Veterans
Thomas Madejski, MD

Some of you have already noted whether you will be attending the HOD in-person or virtually – that information is MUCH appreciated.  We have written to the executive director of your county/specialty society to inquire about this.  Knowing 
how you will attend helps us plan effectively for so many aspects of the HOD – meals, bandwidth, seating – even badges that won’t need to be made for virtual attendees!  Please help us to conserve resources and ensure our preparations are right by letting us know if you will be in-person or virtual – either way we look forward to seeing you!  

Attending virtually however should not be out of convenience but only for valid concerns regarding COVID-19. If there is any way that we can conduct our House in person only, we would try,
 but we are trying to accommodate those with health concerns.

All the best,

Bill                                Maria

William R. Latreille, MD                   Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                          Vice Speaker