Greetings to you all!

The House of Delegates is coming together nicely and we thank you for submitting resolutions in a timely manner.  We received over 40 resolutions and they are installed on the MSSNY House of Delegates webpage .  Each resolution is hosted on so that comments can be posted for each – we encourage you to do so that the reference committee members can refer to those comments when it is time to draft their reports.  Click here for the resolutions

We have scheduled the hearings for the House Committee on Bylaws and the Reference Committees.  The schedule is:

House Committee on Bylaws – 5 PM
Governmental Affairs A - 6 PM

Socio-Medical Economics - 9 AM
Public Health & Education - 1 PM 

Reports of Officers & Admin Matters - 9 AM     
Governmental Affairs B - 1 PM

As you know, the hearings to discuss resolutions will be conducted virtually.  We will ensure that all delegates and staff receive the links to those meetings.  They will also be posted to the MSSNY website BUT 
we are asking everyone who wishes to participate in the reference committee hearings to PRE-REGISTER – this applies to those who wish just to listen and those who intend to provide testimony.  Links to each ref com registration form will be posted on the website and are included above in this letter.  Registration will allow us to ensure we correctly identify you and your role at the hearings and that reference committee Chairs can correctly identify you when it is your turn to testify. Those participation links will be unique to you.

MSSNY staff will be setting up the individual hearings using our Educational Webinar Zoom platform which you should be familiar with since it is what we used for the 2020 House of Delegates.  For users, it is very similar to the Zoom meetings you have participated in but allows better control for those monitoring and hosting the hearings.

The reference committee hearings will be recorded so that the testimony can be reviewed as the reference committee reports are drafted if it is required.  Therefore, we ask everyone to remain professional and succinct in their testimony.  The opportunity to comment will be limited to 2 minutes and no one will be permitted to speak twice on the same item of business until everyone in the queue has spoken.

During each reference committee hearing the Order of Business will be displayed so participants know what item is being discussed.  Because it is not possible to project the resolutions, the order of business and the ref com members at the same time, we ask you to have the resolutions available on another device or printed for your reference during each hearing.

There will be tutorial and refresher session conducted by the Vice Speaker on Thursday, August 5 at 7 PM.  We highly recommend this session to new delegates as it will cover “orientation to parliamentary procedure.”  It will also provide a review of the Zoom process we will use for ref com hearings and practice for those who want to be sure they can raise and lower their hand and mute/un-mute themselves.  These will be critical skills for ref com participation! You may register for the refresher here:

We are planning an HOD practice session for those who will participating virtually on Saturday, 9/18.  That practice session will be Tuesday, September 14 at 7 PM….we urge our virtual delegates to attend! You may register here:

Registration links for all the 
MSSNY sponsored and MLMIC sponsored CME events are available here for those who wish to attend either physically or virtually.  

All the best,

Bill                                   Maria
William R. Latreille, MD                   Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                         Vice Speaker