Happy New Year – we are wishing everyone better days with good health and soon to be administered vaccinations at the top of the list!

Thank you all for helping to make the 2020 House of Delegates a success.  While a very different meeting from our usual HOD, we accomplished the mission.  We regret the lack of personal participation delegates were able to have, but it was unavoidable.  While Covid continues to surge around us and everyone worries about the variant strain, we are looking to the future and a fully vaccinated community which will allow your Speakers to return to a somewhat more normal HOD meeting.

We are writing to provide a basic outline of our planning for the HOD which will culminate in an in-person meeting on 
September 18.  That meeting can take place only if attendees have been vaccinated and have proof of inoculation.  At this time, we anticipate Saratoga as a location for the meeting.

We plan to implement a Resolution Review Committee which will have a function similar to the Committee which served the AMA meeting.  The purpose of this committee will be to review resolutions as they are submitted in order to evaluate whether the resolution is constructed properly, simply reaffirms existing policy, or needs to be clarified.  The determination of the RRC will be binding.  You should be mindful of this new committee as your delegation drafts resolutions, please ensure they are well constructed and researched.

Your Speakers will be communicating with you and your delegates around the 26
th of each month, so please watch for those emails.  We will keep you up to date with developments on a monthly basis.  For now, please see the deadlines we have noted below.

This is a first call for you to credential your delegates for the 2021 House of Delegates.  Credentialing is due by Friday, May 7, 2021.  This deadline allows the Speaker to appoint reference committees by June.  You will be contacted by Michael Reyes from MSSNY headquarters requesting this information, please respond to him promptly.

There will be two deadlines for resolutions:

The first, 
March 31 by 5 PM, is for those resolutions which organizations or authors want MSSNY to submit to the Annual AMA meeting in June.  Be aware that those resolutions will pass through RRC review, and then be forwarded to Council with the RRC comments on each resolution.  Council will vote on whether to forward the resolution(s) to the AMA for action.  Those not forwarded will be posted to the MSSNY website for inclusion in reference committee debate later in the year.

The second resolution deadline is 
Friday, June 25 by 5 PM.  Any resolutions received by this date also will be reviewed by the RRC.  If approved for consideration, they will be posted to the website for comments and considered in ref com hearings.

We hope these important deadlines will help you and your delegates start thinking about holding another successful House of Delegates.  Stay safe and healthy –best wishes for speedy inoculations!

William Latreille, MD                                   Maria Basile, MD
Speaker                                                        Vice Speaker