This communication is to provide an update on the schedule for the House of Delegates in September. In conjunction with MLMIC, we are planning to provide continuing medical education credit courses on Friday, September 17.  While start times and course content are not firmly decided we believe the CME sessions will begin at 10 on Friday and continue through 4 PM.  We will ensure that everyone has the necessary information to sign up for CME credit courses.

The House of Delegates will begin promptly at 8 AM on Saturday, September 18 and will continue until 6 PM unless we are able to finish the business of the House before.  The HOD will be held in Main Hall D of the Saratoga City Center.  At that time, we will discuss the completed reference committee reports and the recommendations made within them.  Our schedule to ensure that the business of the Annual House of Delegates is completed is as follows:

March 31 First resolution deadline (AMA intended resolutions)

May 7 Credentialing of Delegates is due
(Speaker will be making reference committee appointments by 5/31)

June 25 FINAL submission deadline for all resolutions
(Items submitted after this date must pass Rules Committee acceptance)

July 23 Resolutions posted to MSSNY website
(Resolutions will be posted as they are vetted by the RRC)

August 6-8 Virtual reference committee hearings take place

September 3 Reference Committee reports posted to MSSNY website

September18 House of Delegates convenes, 8AM

We want to remind everyone that resolutions which delegates wish to have MSSNY direct to the AMA Annual meeting in June are due in the HOD office no later than Wednesday, March 31.  Those resolutions should address issues of national scope and can be on any medical/healthcare related topic.  (Resolutions dealing with advocacy issues are generally sent to the November Interim meeting.)  

All resolutions, including those intended for AMA, should be sent to An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to those submitting resolutions – please be sure a title and the author/submitter of the resolution is included when sending resolutions. 

Your Speakers have instituted a new HOD committee – the Resolution Review Committee (RRC).  The purpose of this committee will be to review submitted resolutions and make a recommendation regarding their acceptance as business of the House. The RRC will consider resolutions in the context of existing policy, whether the intent of a resolution is clear and factual, and whether a resolution has merit as a goal that can be achieved by MSSNY and its staff.  The decision of the RRC will be binding and final.

We urge all delegates who are considering writing a resolution to review and adhere to the
resolution guidelines posted to the MSSNY HOD webpages.  It will be critically important that all resolutions follow the requirements laid out – especially in terms of researching existing policy.

We will keep our HOD members informed of developments every month on the 26
th so continue to monitor your email.  These communications will also be posted to the MSSNY HOD pages for referral.  As more information about CME and the HOD meeting in Saratoga (including hotel information) become available, we will ensure its receipt.

Stay healthy and safe, be sure to get your vaccination at the earliest moment if you have not already.  Thanks, for all you do.  We look forward to seeing you at our House of Medicine.

William R. Latreille, Jr, MD                                   Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                             Vice Speaker