Any delegate who wishes to be considered for MSSNY office “from the floor” must: 

 1.             Provide written advance notice of such intention and written support of candidacy from TEN(10) MSSNY HOD delegates by verified email, fax or letter to the Speaker’s office at MSSNY headquarters no later than SEVEN days prior to the Meeting of the Committee on Rules, Credentials and Order of Business which meets Thursday before the opening of the House of Delegates. 

 2.             Also comply with MSSNY policies 207.976 and 207.991 which require basic biographical information about a candidate as well as a vision statement.


207.991       Election of Officers for MSSNY

The Medical Society of the State of New York will make available to delegates the qualifications of those who are being nominated as officers and their vision for MSSNY.  (HOD 2011-218)

207.976    Informed Choices for MSSNY Elections

MSSNY will provide all voting members of the House of Delegates with the following information about candidates nominated for election to the Board of Trustees, the Council, Officers, and the AMA Delegation: Medical School, Residency/Fellowship, Specialty, Hospital Affiliations, Practice Setting, and Prior Experience in Organized Medicine.  

MSSNY will provide candidates nominated for election to the Board of Trustees, the Council, Officers and the AMA Delegation the opportunity to provide a written statement for distribution to all voting delegates.  (HOD 2015-209) 


Given the extensive time delegates have to evaluate the nominating committee recommendations posted on the website, last minute nominations “from the floor” just prior to the election do not allow sufficient time for voting members of the House to properly evaluate these candidates and their qualifications. These requirements are meant to allow adequate time for proper vetting of candidates and to substantiate some support for the candidate.  It allows all candidates to comply with existing MSSNY policy.

These minimum requirements are fair and reasonable and are not an undue burden for any delegate who may be considering a nomination “from the floor” and will improve the flow of activity in the House, allowing for appropriate and adequate time for consideration of these additional candidates and their qualifications.  This rule streamlines the administration involved in creating documents and ballots which incorporate additional candidates.  

Adopted HOD April, 2016