Good Afternoon to our House of Delegates Members!

It is with some regret but knowing that MSSNY leadership has made the right decision, that we write to tell you that the 2021 House of Delegates meeting will be entirely virtual.

Given the increased number of Covid/Delta cases in recent weeks, and increased ability of Delta to transmit to others despite vaccination status, we in MSSNY leadership agreed it was time to re-evaluate our plans for the HOD. While we are very disappointed not to be holding our meeting in person, it would be putting our physicians, staff and guests at risk unnecessarily. This decision is being made now so that our delegates have adequate time to make the changes that they may need to make regarding lodging and other details already in place for that meeting. We feel strongly that this is the proper path to follow.

We will increase our communications as the planning for a virtual meeting is put in place.  Be reassured that the CME events planned for Friday, September 17 will continue to take place—they will be held completely by Zoom.  The House of Delegates will continue to take place on Saturday, September 18 - just completely by Zoom. 

We may require more than one day for the House of Delegates because the virtual methodology tends to be a bit slower than live testimony, so we ask that you try to leave some time on Sunday, 9/19 for completing our HOD business if it is needed.

The reference committee reports are under construction, and we fully intend to have them posted by September 3 as originally planned.  You will be able to post comments on the website for each item in the report once they are available.

We were 
very much looking forward to speaking with you all face-to-face next month but would not want our attendees to contract this virus when other, safer meeting options are available.  We will stay in close contact – but not physically! – and appreciate your understanding with regard to this decision.

Be well, be safe, and have a good weekend!

Bill                             Maria
William R. Latreille, MD    Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                          Vice Speaker