Good Morning –

This month’s communication will provide some new and some repeated information.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for the organizations represented in the House of Delegates to provide the names of their credentialed delegates.  This information is due by Friday, May 7.  As of this date, little credentialing information has been received in the office and it is very worrisome.  In order to appoint reference committees for the MSSNY House of Delegates meeting we need a pool of people from which we can choose.  We will be considering those appointments during the remaining months of May and hope to send appointment letters out in early June, so please include information about ref com volunteers.

 get those names into the office as soon as possible! Send credentialing information to: Michael Reyes

Delegates must be MSSNY members and dues must be paid for the current dues year.

We received five resolutions which delegates and organizations wished to have considered by the AMA.  The MSSNY Resolution Review Committee reviewed them and made their recommendations to the April Council meeting.  Of the five, four were adopted and were installed in the MSSNY Position Papers and are being forwarded to the June Special Meeting of the AMA.  The fifth resolution will be forwarded to the MSSNY HOD meeting for consideration by the full House.

Remaining resolutions
 for consideration during ref coms and at the HOD are due by June 25 at 5 PM.  This is a FIRM deadline.  Anything received after 5 PM will be referred to the Rules and Credentials Committee for consideration regarding inclusion.  ALL resolutions will be reviewed by the Resolution Review Committee and must meet the standards of composition, policy research, timeliness, etc. in order to be included as business of the House.

Many have asked whether there will be a virtual option to participate in the HOD meeting on September 18.  We are indeed planning to provide the ability to participate virtually. Most likely we will use the Zoom platform since it is what most are familiar with.

The Zoom invitation will be sent to credentialed, voting delegates ONLY.  Your Speakers are exploring the best ways to incorporate virtual participation with in-person participation into the business of the House.  We will ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and efficiently, providing all delegates with a worthwhile and meaningful experience.  We will provide details as the meeting date gets closer.  

As of the date of this letter, we have received no nominations from the floor.  Information regarding floor nomination requirements has been on the MSSNY website for some time.  Election of MSSNY officers, councilors and trustees only will take place on Saturday, May 1 at 8 PM.  That election will be conducted in accordance with MSSNY Bylaws which allows the MSSNY Council to act in the absence of the House of Delegates.

Election of New York delegates to the AMA will begin on September 1 and will be conducted electronically as we did last year.  Voting will close on Thursday, September 16 at 5 PM.  Results of the election will be projected at the adjournment of the House of Delegates session on September 18 and posted to the MSSNY website.

Only credentialed delegates will receive the electronic ballot to vote for delegates to the AMA. (Another reason to ensure credentialing information is sent to MSSNY).

A full day of CME credit courses is scheduled on Friday, September 17.  Pre-registration will be required for all courses and the links to register will be installed on the MSSNY website.  More explicit details will be forthcoming as topics, speakers and other necessary arrangements are put in place.

Following the CME programs there is a planned social event that will include a ceremony to honor leadership.  MLMIC has graciously offered to sponsor the ceremony and a dinner.  Both events will be open to all delegates. 

We look forward to seeing you all in Saratoga in September and wish you all good health and contentment during these trying days – we are confident things are improving.  If you are not already in bed, be sure to look for the Super Moon tonight at 11:32.  As you do so, remember, despite all our troubles during the last year and all its imperfections, we still live in the best country in the world.


William R. Latreille, MD                           Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                 Vice Speaker