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Report of the House Committee on Bylaws: Resolution 2018-1
Updated MSSNY Bylaws
1 Group and Institutional Membership
2 Pilot Membership Projects
3 Delay of MSSNY Elections Caused by Weather or Other Emergency
4 International Medical Students
5 Former Speakers as Permanent Members of the House of Delegates

Governmental Affairs Report 1 – 2019 Legislative Program
Report of Recommendations for Sunset of Policy
50 Universal Medication Reconciliation
51 All Dispensers Report to Prescription Monitoring Program
52 Prescription Monitoring Program Single Sign On
53 Impact of Pharmaceutical Cost on the Quality of Care
54 Supporting Physician Volunteers and “Charitable Immunity Laws”
55 Independent Review of Malpractice Insurance Rates
56 Review and Appeals in OPMC Discipline Cases
57 Clarifying Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)
58 Laser Hair Removal
59 Amicus on Public Health
60 Financial Penalties and Clinical Decision-Making
61 Nuisance Prior Authorizations
62 Physician Reimbursement All Practices
63 Overpayment Recoveries on Historically Paid Services and the “Restatement of the Law of Restitution”
64 Repayment of Health Republic Funds to Physicians
65 Air Ambulances
66 Maintaining the Integrity of Fairhealth
67 Surprise Bill Laws – New York State and the Proposed Federal
68 Grandfathering of Medications that Have been Prescribed over 1 Year
69 Rescind MSSNY Policy 130.996 Opposing Single Payer
70 Physician Fees and Single Payer
71 Single Payer
72 Healthcare Cooperative Act
73 Ethical Protection of Physicians
74 Stark Law Revision
75 Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Resolutions100 FAXes
101 Online Review Oversight
102 Identifying an Appropriate Cap for Medical Damages
103 Medical Student Loan Forgiveness
104 Mental Health Services for Medical Students
105 Telehealth Group Visits
106 Home Care Discharge Summary Standardization
107 Experimental Medicine
108 Increased Accessibility of Emergency Epinephrine for Anaphylactic Response
109 Electronic “Stand-Up” Scooters: a Potential Public Health Problem
110 Grocery Bags – Single Use
111 MSSNY Support for Impairment Research
112 Call for Mandatory Rear Seat Safety Belt Usage
113 Limiting Hospitals to Being Hospitals
114 Physician Access to their Medical & Billing Records
115 Physician Credentialing Improvement
116 Archaic Requirement that Primary Care Physicians Maintain Hospital Privileges
117 Parental Alienation Syndrome in Custody Cases
118 Fertility Preservation Therapy Insurance Coverage for Cancer Patients
119 Right for Gamete Preservation Therapies
120 Adverse Impacts of Single Specialty IPA’s
121 Getting Financial Support to Independent Physicians
122 Physician Owned Distributorships
123 Physicians Convicted of a Nonviolent Crime
124 Protection from Telemedicine
Report of Recommendations for Sunset of Policy

150 End the Epidemic of HIV Nationally
151 Plastic Drinking Straws
152 Autopsies as an Educational Tool
153 Violence Prevention
154 Regulating Liquid Nicotine and E-cigarettes
155 Addressing the Vaping Crisis
156 Complete Genomic Sequencing
157 Availability of Testing to Diagnose Periprosthetic Joint Infections
158 Unduly Onerous Requirements for Comprehensive Stroke Center Designation
159 Reducing Health Disparities through Education
160 Readily Accessible Mental Health Treatment for Adolescents
161 Reducing Barriers to Mental Health Service Utilization in Medical Students
162 Reducing Physician Barriers to Mental Health Care
163 Benzodiazepines and Opioid Warning
164 Promoting Addiction Medicine during a Time of Crisis
165 Protecting Physicians’ Freedom of Speech Regarding Firearm Safety
166 Strategies to Improve NYS Immunization Rates in Children
167 Universal Reporting of Adult Immunization into NYSIIS
168 Flu Shot Rebranding
169 On Call Requirements for Pharmacies Administering Vaccines
170 Data Collection Regarding the New York State Reproductive Health Act
171 Clarification on New York State Reproductive Health Act
172 Educational and Research Funding on Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana
173 AMA to Analyze Benefits/Harms of Legalization of Marijuana
174 Recreational Marijuana Taxation
175 Public Health Stance Regarding Sales of Recreational Cannabis
Board of Trustees and Officers Reports
Report of Recommendations for Sunset of Policy

200 Reconsidering the Need for an Increased Physician Workforce
201 Study of State and National Health Service Corps Needs
202 Government Monies Paid to Help Train Physicians
203 NYS Licensure and Registration Fees
204 Pardon Dr. John Natale
205 Clear Disclosure of Advertisers at the House of Delegates
206 Clear Disclosure of Potential Board Membership Conflicts at the House ofDelegates
207 State Societies and the AMA Litigation Center
208 Getting JAMA to Support the Interests of Physicians
209 Initial Certification of Medical Competence
210 Initial Certification or Maintenance of Certification as Restraint of Trade
211 Continuing Certification of Medical Competence
212 Notification of Certification of Medical Competence
213 MOC Moratorium
214 Continued Grandfather Status for Taking Board Exams
215 The Term Physician
216 Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine
217 MSSNY Policy on Gender Equity in Medicine
218 Membership Expansion and Representation of Diverse Physician Organizations
219 Supporting NYS Medical Students, Residents, Fellows and Membership Expansion
220 Representation of County Operative Functions at Council
221 Physician Competency and Age Discrimination
Report of Recommendations for Sunset of Policy

250 Nicotine Replacement Therapy Payment
251 Congenital Anomaly Insurance Coverage
252 Capitation Carve Outs for High-Value Primary Care Services
253 Obtain Reimbursement for Medical Clearance Codes
254 Request for Action on MSSNY Position Statement 165.933 – Managed Care Organization Downcoding
255 Urgent Care in the Doctor’s Office
256 Reimbursement for Health Information Technology
257 Group Visits for the Treatment of Obesity
258 ECG / Stress Test Billing Bundle
259 ECG / Office Visit Billing Bundle
260 Eliminate the Word “Provider” from Healthcare Contracts
261 Ensure Post Discharge Follow-Up Care with Original Treating Physicians
262 Payment for Medications Used Off Label for Treatment of Pain
263 Payment for Brand Medications When the Generic Medication is Recalled
264 Compensation Reflect the True Cost of Providing Information
265 Medicare Vaccine Billing
266 Medicare Plan Survey for Patients
267 Geriatric Workforce Reimbursement
268 Raising Medicare Rates for Physicians
269 Reimbursement for Care of Practice Partner Relatives
270 Expand NY State Medicaid Benefit Coverage for Implanatable Infusion Pumps for Non-Cancer Pain
271 Shortage of Specialists in Workers’ Compensation System
272 Timely Payment for Testimony in Worker’s Compensation Cases
273 Hospice Recertification for Non-Cancer Diagnosis
274 End of Life Care Payment

Late Resolutions and the Report of the Convention Committee on Rules, Credentials and Order of Business will be posted to the HOD pages of the MSSNY website late Thursday afternoon, April 11

Printed copies of late resolutions will be distributed by 6 PM on Thursday, April 11 along with the Report of the Committee on Rules, Credentials and Order of Business.

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