Dear Enrolled Provider: 

Effective today, May 11th, New York State is moving to a “Universal Dose” administration process for all multi-dose COVID-19 vaccine types. All doses are now considered universal doses, which means that doses can be used for a first dose or a second dose, irrespective as to whether they were originally shipped to providers as a first dose or a second dose. First and second doses may also be drawn interchangeably from the same vial. With all doses being a universal dose, please utilize a first in, first out rule to manage inventory. This includes storing newly received vaccine in the freezer until it is needed.  COVID-19 vaccine providers should continue to follow their jurisdiction’s (NYC or NYS) vaccine ordering and inventory guidance to request their weekly vaccine allocations. 

These changes also will be reflected in the next update to the NYS COVID-19 Vaccine Program Guidance. 

If you have any questions, please contact 


NYS COVID-19 Vaccine Team