April 21, 2020
Members of the 2020 House of Delegates
MSSNY Leadership
County and Specialty Society Executive Staff

We commence the week in April in which we would, under normal circumstances, have held our Annual House of Delegates meeting. The past weeks have been difficult for all physicians and health care personnel.

As we have communicated previously, the House of Delegates has been postponed to a date and time yet to be determined. The Executive Committee of MSSNY is considering many methodologies to ensure that the needs of the Society can be addressed. The Council will meet on June 4 and address any urgent matters as needed.

As the current Covid-19 situation begins to resolve itself and a date for a meeting of the House of Delegates can be considered the comment period for resolutions and production of reference committee reports may require adjustment again. For now, please forward your thoughts on resolutions as you have time and energy to consider them. The May 7 date will not be a hard and fast deadline. We will continue to accept resolution comments until further notice. 

While things continue to evolve, making planning more difficult, we  expect to choose a date for the HOD that will be months down the road and will set a new deadline for comments that will be 6-8 weeks prior to the meeting date. 

As the week in which we hoped to see you all goes by we will miss the energizing interaction we usually take away from the House of Delegates. We look forward to doing so a few months from now and wish you well. 

William R. Latreille, MD                                                          Maria Basile, MD

Speaker                                                                                   Vice Speaker


      Arthur C. Fougner, MD                                                            Bonnie L. Litvack, MD

President                                                                                 President-Elect


Philip A. Schuh

Executive Vice President